"Invisible threads are the strongest ties." Friedrich Nietzsche

Gratitude Lives Here. I am immensley blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with each and every one of you. I can only hope you gain as much from these experiences as I do. Your kind words overflow my already full heart.

"You came into my day with a burst of sunshine and fresh air - thank you! I truly appreciated spending time with you and getting to know you. Your passion for food, life and well being are infectious! My guys and I devoured the meals we prepared! Thank you for not only educating me, but for sharing your spirit with me. You are beautiful! May you always have peace and joy in your heart."

- Anne

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I truly enjoyed cooking with you and all of your fantastic healthy living tips! You are a breath of fresh air! Now, I feel like I can do this!!! You have given me so many valuable lessons. I am eternally grateful!"

- Suzanne

"Katie introduced our family to a new lifestyle of being healthy. When we changed our mentality from weight-loss to good eating habits we effortlessly started to lose weight and feel like changed people. We have lived our lives being up and down on the scale and suffering through diets that made us feel deprived of eating the foods we love. With Katie teaching us a different and practical ways to view food we are now able to enjoy what we eat without the guilt of overeating and poor food choices. Now instead or thinking rapid weight loss, we understand the importance of long term health for not only my husband and myself but our two young children. From Katie's help in supermarkets and restaurants to our pantry at home we finally feel healthier than ever and in complete control over our eating. We are eternally grateful for her approach and for making is feel that our health is of paramount importance to her. Katie is adorable and fun and her energy is part of what makes her efforts successful."

- Kami and Josh

"I am 100% enjoying all the foods you created for me. Everything woke up a taste bud I didn't know I had! I simply cannot come up with enough words to express my gratitude for your guidance today. I feel so lucky to have met you today – you are the positive energy we all need. Thank you soooooooo much for all your help. You really are an amazing person! Be well, Katie."

- Fran S.

"I had the pleasure of spending time with Katie shopping and cooking. I loved learning from her. What made it all the more fun was Katie's personality - she is fun, makes food fun, lively, smart and sincere. I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful experience! Thank you Katie!"

- Lauren H

"Katie is this beautiful, light-filled, ball of energy and we spent our time together like old girlfriends talking about life, gratitude, and of course food as medicine...she totally embraced my two young daughters who wanted to help and quickly put them to work and unbeknownst to them, they were learning some great nutrition tips. When we talked on the phone she asked what my biggest nutrition concerns were as I am undergoing cancer treatments right now. Then, when we met at the grocery store, she confirmed them and off we went—shopping and then cooking together. While I am very knowledgeable about nutrition, my taste buds had gone haywire from chemo--I didn't know how to eat and drink without gagging or choosing less nourishing foods. Every single thing we made was nutrient dense, delicious, easy to make, and addressed all my need. Thank you!"

- Judi T

Katie! You were a true inspiration to me from the first moment I met you because your passion and truthfulness is contagious!!! Keep on keeping it real! You are so inspiring to me and everyone who has been blessed to say, "Hey I know KATIE!"


"Wow! We have been working with Katie for over a year now. Katie has helped me change my life and the way that I think about food. I always thought that if I ate less I would lose weight and be healthy. I was far from right. I had been on a viscous path of starving, binging, and gaining weight. With the combination of Katie's nutritional guidance and clean, healthy cooking, I am now a much healthier person. I have lost weight, eat much more regularly, and view food as the fuel that runs my body, not the thing that is making me gain weight."

- Fran

Dear Katie, words are inadequate to express my appreciation and feelings of love for all you did for me today. The food was fabulous-- I'm still tasting, eating and enjoying! What a wonderful, wonderful day. You are without a doubt a gem-- you give so much of yourself. I don't know what to say, except thank you, thank you, thank you. All the time and effort you put into our time together is amazing. My daughter will never forget it -- she had such a wonderful time. I'm especially thrilled she was able to join us. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Cookie and Cyndi

Katie, I continue to remember and use the valuable knowledge you shared with Kate and I on our shop/cook time together. I have put many changes in place and find a shopping trip now takes on a totally different look. Your influence will not allow me to go back to old ways. My son, Rob, ate and loved the salmon. First time he would try it! The collard greens were highly successful as well as many other veggies that are new to our table. Your teaching skills allow new ideas to be easily received. I continue to be so thankful each and every day.

- Carol