{Breathe} Reboot Your Resolution with an Intention Worth Keeping!

5 Health Intentions for the New yearDid you know that 80% of New Years resolutions fail by February! Ugh. That’s a startling statistic and it might have you thinking, “why bother”? I’m right there with you. That’s why I gave up on resolutions a few years ago and, to be honest, I don’t regret it one little bit. Wellness doesn’t manifest from lofty goals and deprivation. You have to be more gentle and compassionate with yourself to see positive results.

You don’t believe me, do you? You’re still convinced that to achieve your healthiest self your have to starve yourself all the while participating in some bootcamp from hell. Deep Breath. Enjoy the exhale. 

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{Thrive} Trust Your Gut: Choosing Foods That Make You Feel Good

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The foundation of my nutrition practice has always been rooted in the fact that nutrition is not one size fits all. I wish nutrition could be more black and white but it isn’t. I accept the fact that we are all individuals and what works for one person very well won’t work for the next. That being said, we need to learn to be our own advocate. It takes patience, trial and error and a good amount of self-reflection understand your own bodies needs but it is so worth it. I often try to simplify my nutrition messages so that they don’t feel so overwhelming  and my foundation mantra is this: “Eat foods that make you feel good and avoid those that don’t”. If you experience physical or emotional discomfort from eating a certain food, well, it might be a good idea to avoid it. Here is my story…

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{Thrive} Setting Intentions for Health & Self Love


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha

When I first graduated from graduate school and became a dietitian I was armed and motivated to teach people how to count calories, diet and omit foods from their diet. I learned, quite quickly that this approach simply exacerbated negative emotions and self-talk. Though my own journey and my work with clients I have found that the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is less about your food choices and more about self-love. Continue reading “{Thrive} Setting Intentions for Health & Self Love”

Welcome to {Nourish.Breathe.Thrive}

HB Logo-revised-overlap“Out of crisis comes clarity” Randolph O’Toole

It is with excitement and gratitude that I introduce to you the new Healthy Bites Blog:
{Nourish. Breathe. Thrive.}

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{Nourish} 5 Foods That Prevent Sleep

5 Foods That Prevent Sleep

We know sleep is important for our health. Adequate, restful sleep increases productivity and reduces the risk of medical, industrial and automotive accidents. Good sleep habits also help fight infection, support your metabolism to help prevent weight gain and diabetes, and promote a good mood. If you are having trouble sleeping, take a look at the foods you are eating, especially those you consume close to bedtime.  A few sneaky ingredients may be getting in the way of your good night’s sleep. Continue reading “{Nourish} 5 Foods That Prevent Sleep”