{Nourish} Turmeric Super Seed and Nut butter

NutButterHave you ever made your own nut butter? If not, you should. It’s fun, easy and really gratifying plus you can get really creative with your flavor profiles and add-ins. This turmeric butter is my latest concoction to follow the Cocoa Hazelnut Butter I created a few weeks back. I was craving something more savory and was eager to experiment with a variety of nuts and seeds. I had some fresh turmeric on hand and, well, this awesome spread is the result! Continue reading “{Nourish} Turmeric Super Seed and Nut butter”

{Nourish} Smoothie Bowl 101 + The Nourished Green Smoothie

True Story: I have been pretty opposed to joining the smoothie bowl craze. I’m a creature of habit in many ways and am super satisfied drinking my morning smoothie so I figured there was no need to reinvent the wheel. I have, however, always been a sucker for toppings  which is ultimately the thing that swayed me to dive in and try this trendy bowl of goodness. Honestly, I had no idea what made a smoothie different from a smoothie in bowl so I did a little research and here is the answer, a how-to… and a tasty recipe to get you spooning up your smoothie too–to my surprise–it’s divine!

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