{Breathe} Mindful Monday: Self-Love Challenge

youSelf-love is awkward. It feels indulgent and strange. The thing is, self-love is the foundation of any wellness practice because you will not be motivated to care for yourself in a thoughtful way unless you truly love and respect yourself. Let’s start now. We can do this together because, honestly, it feels just as vulnerable for me… Continue reading “{Breathe} Mindful Monday: Self-Love Challenge”

{Breathe} Mindful Monday: The Power of Self-Touch

self touch I know what you are thinking, and don’t you worry (if you were worrying), that is not what this post is about (wink, wink). This post is about self-love though “that” may fall into the category, right!? Regardless, think about this for a moment. When someone you love is hurting, how do you show them love and comfort? You hug them. Rest your hand on their shoulder. Rub their back or maybe their head. Yet, we rarely offer this gesture to ourselves. We rarely touch ourselves in a loving and nurturing way. Why not? Do you know how rewarding it can be? Continue reading “{Breathe} Mindful Monday: The Power of Self-Touch”