{Nourish} What to Cook for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite food holiday but that doesn’t mean I want to spend days in the kitchen! Lucky for me (and you) I created a menu that’s nourishing, delicious and  EASY. This is your Thanksgiving cheat sheet. A snapshot from my turkey day meal last year, these gluten-free, dairy-free recipes include many make-ahead items as well as creative spins on classics.  From salads to flavorful sides, these dishes are sure to please any crowd. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Continue reading “{Nourish} What to Cook for Thanksgiving”

{Nourish} The Perfect Holiday Turkey

a-perfectWith only two days until Thanksgiving you still have time to learn a few tips that will help you cook up a killer turkey. I know that I said the side dishes were my favorite part of Thanksgiving but I can’t resist roasting a turkey. Sure, you can toss it into the oven with some salt and pepper and it will taste just fine but a little extra effort can make a difference in the flavor department. From the type of turkey you choose to a quick brine or robust seasoning blend, here are five tricks to help you roast the best turkey ever. Continue reading “{Nourish} The Perfect Holiday Turkey”

{Nourish} Holiday Side Dish Round-Up

Roasted Delicata Squash @KatiecavutoRdThe side dishes are my favorite part of  our Thanksgiving feast. Root vegetables and winter squash are so cozy and satisfying. Orange zest as well as earthy, savory herbs and spices have a tendency to slay me. I am honestly getting giddy just thinking about our holiday spread. Thanksgiving may be  my favorite meal of the year.  While I love tradition, I also enjoy introducing new flavors, grains and vegetables to our holidays so keep it interesting. So much so that I am cooking up a Moroccan Spiced Turkey this year which has me daydreaming of the aromatic scents that will fill my kitchen this time next week. If you’re not ready to give up those traditional sides, it could be fun to add something new to your spread and this post has all of the inspiration you need. Fire crackling, candles lit, Thanksgiving is about to kick off the cozy vibes that embody the cooler months of winter. Yes! Continue reading “{Nourish} Holiday Side Dish Round-Up”

{Nourish} Roasted Moroccan Turkey Breast with Root Vegetables

roasted-moroccan-turkey2Thanksgiving is going to be here before I know it so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to spotlight this festive Roasted Turkey with Root Vegetable Recipe from my new cookbook, Whole Cooking and Nutrition. You know, cookbooks are a great holiday gift idea (hint, hint). So are homemade spice rubs and speaking of spice rubs, this Moroccan Spice Rub is going to become a staple seasoning in your home. Especially during the winter months. Slightly sweet and oh, so savory, this blend of spices loves to snuggle up with nuts, seeds and root vegetables as well as poultry and meat. The opportunities to experiment is endless. Continue reading “{Nourish} Roasted Moroccan Turkey Breast with Root Vegetables”

{Mindful Monday} Finding a Sense of Calm During the Chaos of The Holidays

MMThere was a time in my life that went like this: whenever I was asked, “How are you?”, my automatic answer was “So busy”. If you are new to this blog then I’ll fill you in on the fact that this overwhelming sense of continuous chaos is what ultimately forced me to slow down, reassess and do a few things differently…more mindfully.  As we enter into the craze of the holidays this is the perfect time to revisit the idea of being “busy”. Honestly, it is hard not to be over-scheduled and stressed out this time of year. But, that does not mean that you have to fall victim to the chaos. There are plenty of ways to find calm and that is the purpose of today’s Mindful Monday post! Continue reading “{Mindful Monday} Finding a Sense of Calm During the Chaos of The Holidays”

{Nourish} Healthy Holiday Side Dishes: A Round Up!


Thanksgiving is one week away which means you still have plenty of time to inspire yourself to serve up some seriously tasty food for your holiday feast. Even better, this collection of recipes, while decadently delicious, are good for you too– but don’t bother sharing that tidbit with your guests! Let them sit back and enjoy while you feel good about the nourishing food your are servings. From salads to stuffing, vegetables and dips–I have your covered! Cheers to a festive and joyful holiday table that is filled with gratitude and love! Continue reading “{Nourish} Healthy Holiday Side Dishes: A Round Up!”