{Nourish} Recipe Round Up: Root Vegetables

Root Vegetable Recipe Round Up

It’s root vegetable season and that means a whole lot of sweet and savory goodness on your plate. Sure, you can fall back on those tried and true recipes you are used to but, I figured a little inspiration would do you good. Here is a round-up of root vegetables recipes from a few of my foodie dietitian colleagues. Prepare yourself to be swooned. Continue reading “{Nourish} Recipe Round Up: Root Vegetables”

{Monthly Morsels} October Edition

Things you should know October @katiecavutoRDOctober was a blast! I started off the month in Nashville for the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo and I’ll share a few highlights below! After that, the month seemed to be packed Wellness Day talks for Unite For Her–a local organization that empowers newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and provides them with free services like acupuncture, yoga and of course, Nutrition. I spent tons of time in-home with our participants teaching them to cook up healthy meals! I find this time to be truly gratifying. Other than that–I celebrated pumpkins, persimmons winter squash and, of course, Halloween! Here is a recap of the highlights! Continue reading “{Monthly Morsels} October Edition”

{Nourish} Recipe Round Up: Healthy Seasonal Soups + Stews

Healthy Seasonal Soups and Stews

It’s soup season! Hooray! Honestly, I eat stews and soups year round. Why? Because I love them. A lot. What is better than a big old bowl of warm and cozy yum? Not much. Maybe a big old bowl of yum that is enjoyed in front of a fire? That sounds luxurious.  Cuddle-worthy weather? Bring it on. Here is a round-up of nourishing and delicious soup and stew recipes from my RD blogging friends! I know that you will enjoy these! Continue reading “{Nourish} Recipe Round Up: Healthy Seasonal Soups + Stews”

{Nourish} Littleneck “Clam Boil” with Chorizo Chicken Sausage and Potato

COOK_clamsGrowing up, one of my fondest memories was spending weekends at our local pool. A few nights each summer we would gather around a picnic table to enjoy a quintessential summer dinner! My dad would grill up hot dogs and hamburgers and on a few special nights we had a clam boil! We would help him shuck the corn (I would always freak out over the worms) and fill the mesh sacks with clams, potatoes, sausage and more. He would boil the bags in a large pot that sat next to the corn on the hot grill. This will always scream summer to me. As I got older I began making variations of this festive summer dish and it never disappointment. Continue reading “{Nourish} Littleneck “Clam Boil” with Chorizo Chicken Sausage and Potato”