{Thrive} 5 Ways to Eat More Vegetables

5 Ways to Eat More Vegetables Eat more vegetables. This may be my favorite nutrition tip and it’s a positive wellness intention I focus on daily. I’m always encouraging myself to eat more vegetables. If you consider the risk to benefit ratio of this recommendation, it speaks for itself. Risk: minimal. Benefits: abundant. Plus, I love an intention that encourages me to have more versus less, especially when it comes to food. Enough of the deprivation people. Let’s be grateful for the food on our plate.  That being said, for most of us omnivores, the idea of planning a meal around carrots sounds, well, lackluster at best. Fortunately, the concept of creating a vegetable-centric plate can and often does include meat, fish and poultry. The key is mindfully rearranging your plate so that the veggies are the star and the animal proteins play a more supporting role. Eat more vegetables. One of my 5 Intentions for the New Year and a great mantra we can use to kick off the month. Here are five tips to make this feel more achievable.

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Nourish: Whole Cooking and Nutrition Book Launch!

whole cooking and nutritionIt almost feels surreal to hold this book in my hands. A book I wrote. A book that started as a dream at least 5 years ago, though maybe it was more. A book that took 2 1/2 years to write with the help of so many of you! You tested recipes. You championed me on. And I, with a humble heart am thrilled to introduce it to you! Meet “Whole Cooking and Nutrition”. Today is the big day! It is officially available for you to enjoy! Continue reading “Nourish: Whole Cooking and Nutrition Book Launch!”

{Nourish} Thrive Green Blender Juice

Green Blender JuiceSay hello to my mean, green morning routine. I have been consciously trying to up my vegetable intake and this refreshing green smoothie-ish blender juice has done the trick! We can all stand to eat more vegetables and breakfast is one meal where they tend to be lacking. Greens, Celery, Cucumber, Parsley, Lemon, Apple and Water–one benefit of blending this over juicing is that all the healthy fiber remains a part of the drink! Continue reading “{Nourish} Thrive Green Blender Juice”

{Nourish} Chai Spiced Peach and Almond Butter Smoothie Bowl

Chai Peach Almond Smoothie Bowl


It has been a nutty week which is the perfect reason to share this super simple recipe–my Chai Spiced Peach and Almond Butter Smoothie Bowl. The first week back from a trip always feels a bit overwhelming and mine was jam packed with travel to DC on Monday and NYC on Wednesday–eek! My apologies for being MIA from the blog. I was in survival mode and  finding the time to post to the blog was not in the cards until today. On that note…yay for Friday and for your new favorite smoothie bowl recipe that is here, just in time for the weekend! Continue reading “{Nourish} Chai Spiced Peach and Almond Butter Smoothie Bowl”

{Nourish} Wild Blueberry and Coconut Cream “Slush”

Wild Blueberry and Coconut CreamIf you can get over the fact that it’s freezing outside you are in for a treat! This is a re-vamped version of one of my favorite childhood snacks. When ever we had frozen blueberries in the house, I would fill up  my bowl and then douse them in milk. The milk would form a slushy coating around the outside of each berry thus creating a simple, fun, sweet ice-cream like treat. I happened to have a big bag of blueberries in my freezer last week and this memory washed over me. The result, a more sophisticated and equally as delicious version of my childhood treat. Continue reading “{Nourish} Wild Blueberry and Coconut Cream “Slush””

{Nourish} Pomegranate Pear Ginger Smoothie

pomegranate smoothieClearly I am on a smoothie kick! This has been my on-the-go breakfast option for the past several days so I figured I would share. Say hello to you new favorite winter smoothie recipe! Sweet and tart pomegranate juice provides some hard to resist nutrient benefits as well as this magical color. Add to that the tang of fresh grapefruit as well as creamy coconut and robust ginger and you have for yourself a glassful of goodness that is as delicious as it is good for you. Continue reading “{Nourish} Pomegranate Pear Ginger Smoothie”