{Breathe} Mindful Monday: The Power of Self-Touch

self touch I know what you are thinking, and don’t you worry (if you were worrying), that is not what this post is about (wink, wink). This post is about self-love though “that” may fall into the category, right!? Regardless, think about this for a moment. When someone you love is hurting, how do you show them love and comfort? You hug them. Rest your hand on their shoulder. Rub their back or maybe their head. Yet, we rarely offer this gesture to ourselves. We rarely touch ourselves in a loving and nurturing way. Why not? Do you know how rewarding it can be? Continue reading “{Breathe} Mindful Monday: The Power of Self-Touch”

{Breathe} Mindful Monday: A Month of Self Love. Self-Care

Mindful Monday: Self-Care 101 by KatieCavutoRDIt is really easy to fall into the trap of caring for everyone BUT yourself! My struggle with Lyme for the past two years has been a blessing in the fact that it has forced me to prioritize my health and my needs. I hear this often from my clients–it takes an illness to stop them in their tracks…open their eyes…and change their habits! That being said, self-care is a powerful tool that we all can use to prevent illness. Why not avoid getting to the point of illness! Part of my journey towards self-love was learning to care for myself in a meaningful way. This can mean many different things but here are a few ideas to get you started! Continue reading “{Breathe} Mindful Monday: A Month of Self Love. Self-Care”

{Thrive} Mindful Monday: A Month of Self-Love Part One: Compassion



Translation: You are amazing and you deserve a whole lot of Love. Yes, love. Considering this is the theme of the month I figured we should kick it off with a hearty dose of self L…O…V…E…LOVE! I’ll admit, the mere thought of self-love used to seem utterly impossible to me. I would shudder at the idea. I had a tough time embracing my self-worth and often found that the critical, really nasty voice in my head won most of the time. I share this because I know how it feels to constantly judge yourself and I know how difficult it can be to change that cycle of negative self-talk. I also know that you CAN do it. You can truly love yourself. Here is the first step. Compassion. Continue reading “{Thrive} Mindful Monday: A Month of Self-Love Part One: Compassion”

{Thrive} Mindful Monday: Positive Intentions for the New Year

31 Positive Intentions for the New Year

Forget about that unreasonable, obligatory resolution and instead, commit to creating meaningful intentions that will serve you throughout the year. Thoughtfully setting intentions is a great way to stay present, achieve your goals and foster gratitude while you’re at it. Healthy habits can feel overwhelming when you have lofty expectations. Keep them simple. Maybe you commit to one intention a day– or one a month? You could even choose one for the entire year?! This exercise is more about reflecting and finding something that speaks to you. There is no right or wrong. There is forceful thinking or failure! Continue reading “{Thrive} Mindful Monday: Positive Intentions for the New Year”