{Thrive} Better Beauty for Fall


Better Beauty Routine for Fall WeatherCool nights, cozy sweaters and root vegetables…exhale, it is finally fall. The transition from summer to fall always creates a bit of a craze before we are able to slow down and settle in to this snuggly time of year.  As the days get shorter and the weather changes, so does our body. We begin to crave warming foods and our summery,  summer kissed skin starts to shift into survival mode for the harsh, cold months ahead. Our tanned skin likely needs some TLC prior to hunkering down for the dry of the winter.This is the perfect excuse to take some time to yourself for some skincare TLC. Yes, this is coming from the girl that barely washes her face but even I know my skin can use some love this time of year.  Continue reading “{Thrive} Better Beauty for Fall”

{Thrive} Mindful Monday: The Truth About Fragrance

why fragrances are bad for youNo one wants to smell like a pile of dirty socks but do you really want to douse yourself in toxins to avoid it? You might be! You see, every day, in many ways, we expose ourselves to toxin-laden synthetic fragrances and this is not limited to your daily spritz of perfume. Synthetic fragrances are EVERYWHERE! Curious where they might lurk? Sniff on this…they may be  in your shampoo, cosmetics, cleaning products, air-fresheners, candles, laundry detergents/dryer sheets and more. That scent triggered migraine you loathe? Synthetic fragrances may be the cause.  You’re listening, right!? Continue reading “{Thrive} Mindful Monday: The Truth About Fragrance”