{Breathe} Compelling Reasons to Start Soaking + DIY Bath Salts!


I am a bath junky. In a prefect world I would tub it most nights because it warms me up (I tend to be cold), calms me down and provides some much needed me time as well as the space to take some cleansing breaths in an otherwise chaotic day.  I am also a sucker for bath salts as they have many medicinal properties and amplify my tubbing experience. Truth: sometimes I close my eyes and inhale the smell of the salts and pretend I am at a spa in a faraway magical place–its pretty dreamy!  One of my favorite bath rituals (you are going to laugh, hehe) I call the “Frog Shower”.  Right before the tub is full I  turn the shower on for a few minutes and completely drift away. I call it a “frog shower” because I feel like a happy little frog lounging on a lily pad in the rain (hehe). I am such a dork but I bet you are thinking, “hmmmm, that sounds cool!?” I mean seriously, what is better than a few moments of fairy-tale bliss? Okay, Okay–enough about my weirdo rituals– I am sure you are giggling at this point which is awesome because laughter is so good for us–even if it is at my expense. Hopefully you are also day-dreaming of a luxurious bath because here is the how to and why you should indulge! Continue reading “{Breathe} Compelling Reasons to Start Soaking + DIY Bath Salts!”