{Nourish} 5 Ways To Prolong The Shelf Life of Your Produce

It pains me when I have to throw out produce that is past it’s prime and I find that this tends to happen more this time of year when local produce is more abundant. In an attempt to decrease my food waste, I have devised a few tips and tricks to help me use up what’s in the fridge and I sure you have some tips of your own, so please share!







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{Nourish} How to Roast Vegetables: A Cheat Sheet

A helpful cheat sheet for how to roast vegetablesI love my oven. You know this by now. Most of our weeknight meals consist of roasted chicken or fish and a vegetable of some sort. That veggie, it tends to be roasted as it’s fairly hands-free and I only do easy during the week. Now, to make my kitchen madness approachable and easy for all of you, I created this cheat sheet. How to roast vegetables. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Continue reading “{Nourish} How to Roast Vegetables: A Cheat Sheet”

{Thrive} 5 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

reduce your food wasteNo matter how hard we try, it seems we’re always throwing out some amount of food at the end of the week and those little scraps of food have become a huge epidemic! Did you know that nearly 50% of the food produced worldwide is wasted? That is a startling number–especially when you consider how many people are food insecure–48 million! Take a moment and digest that information. Considering today is Earth Day, it is the perfect day to consider our role in this problem and I am sharing a few ways you can help! These tips will hopefully result in delicious meals, lower grocery bills, a smaller load on trash day, and great satisfaction knowing you are enjoying all the ingredients you are purchasing and helping the planet while you’re at it! Continue reading “{Thrive} 5 Ways to Reduce Food Waste”