{Thrive} Do I Need To Buy Organic?

5 Ways to Store and Prolong Produce Shelf-life

Do I have to buy organic to be healthy? I get this question a lot and it came up several times in the survey responses so I figured this was a topic well worth discussing. Out of the gate, I want to put your mind at ease.Fear is more debilitating to your body than eating any food, conventional or organic. So YES, you can eat an immensely nourishing diet with out purchasing organic foods. Continue reading “{Thrive} Do I Need To Buy Organic?”

{Nourish} My Top 10 Tips for Eating Well: A Cheat Sheet

My Top 10 Tips for Eating Well Ready to simplify eating well? This is for you. Embracing  a healthy lifestyle can feel overwhelming, out of reach and seriously confusing especially considering the copious amounts of nutrition information we are bombarded with everyday. I get it! It’s like there is a constant tape recorder in our head that regurgitates a slew of information non-stop. It can make you feel crazy and totally out of touch with your own intuition. “Don’t eat that.” “Is this healthy?” ‘That is bad.” “I should eat a snack.” “I’ll skip lunch and save room for dinner.” The messages we have learned over the years can be maddening, contradictory and even outrageous. Let’s wipe the slate clean and simplify the messages. Wellness doesn’t have to be complicated and you’ll be surprised to learn that when you strip away everyone else’s ideas of what you “should” do, you actually have the knowledge and intuitive to care for yourself in a meaningful way. Here are my top tips for eating well. I think of this as my cheat sheet and refer to it often as a grounding foundation.  Continue reading “{Nourish} My Top 10 Tips for Eating Well: A Cheat Sheet”

{Thrive} My Top 5 Intentions for the New Year

my-top-5-intentions-for-the-new-yearI haven’t set a New Year’s resolution in years because I’ve learned that overwhelming myself with a lofty goal simply doesn’t feel productive. I’ve got enough on my plate. Don’t we all? Plus, I am constantly resetting throughout the year. Enough of the drama around this one day. It’s only a day. There are many. Instead, I use the New Year as a touch point for reflection and I approach this with as little stress as possible. The start of the new year is a great time to re-group and take note of the things that are going well, the lessons you have learned along the way and its a good time to assess the areas in which you may like to focus your intentions. I try to avoid terminology like “improve”, “change” or “failure” because these types of words do not lend themselves to compassionate, positive progress. We are all doing the best that we can and that is enough. You are enough. I am enough. And within this space of self-acceptance we can still offer ourselves the opportunity to grow in a loving way. Here are my top five intentions for the New Year. Some are carry-overs from last year as I am still working on them. I may be for years to come and that is okay. Any progress is positive as perfection will never exist. Set backs are reality so expect them and compassionately continue along your path.   Continue reading “{Thrive} My Top 5 Intentions for the New Year”

{Thrive} Is Your Olive Oil a Fake?

untitled-designYou picked up some olive oil because you heard it was a healthy cooking oil, right? Right! But the thing is, they are not all created equal so you’re left standing in front of a sea of oils, vexed, doing you’re best to make the right decision. Ah, the grocery store. Could it be more confusing? I mean seriously. Lucky for you, I spend a ton of time in the grocery store so I am going to break it down for you. Olive Oil is nourishing and when you know what to look for, you’ll feel confident that you picked a healthy option. Continue reading “{Thrive} Is Your Olive Oil a Fake?”

{Giveaway} World Diabetes Day + Cookbook Duo Giveaway!

Diabetes Cookbook Duo Giveaway @KatieCavutoRD

Did you know that 21 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes? That is a startling statistic and it can be an an overwhelming diagnosis. One of my personal missions was to connect with this community with messages of love, acceptance and empowerment. To remind all of us that living a healthy lifestyle is not a punishment. It is not about deprivation. Eating well is an act of self-love and self-respect and in honor of World Diabetes Day, I’ve teamed up with Lori Zanni, RD  to further empower and support all of you! We are each giving away two copies our new cookbooks that aim to inspire those with diabetes and those without that healthy living can be achievable and delicious! Read on to enter and for a bit more information on each cookbook and how you can incorporate nourishing and delicious recipes into your everyday life! Continue reading “{Giveaway} World Diabetes Day + Cookbook Duo Giveaway!”