{Nourish} Crockpot Giveaway with Summer Recipes

Friends, I have admittedly been MIA. Life has been nutty so I hunkered down and prioritized my work commitments.  As much as I love this blog and all of you, I had to stay true to my new, healthier self, and not over do it. This is self-care in action and it helps, I can tell you! That being said, I have missed this site and I am eager to get back into the swing of things and to re-connect with all of you. As a thank you for your patience, I am psyched to giveaway this fancy new Crockpot. Truth be told, I have never been much of a crockpot cooker but I appreciate it’s beauty as a time saving trick. Again, self-care means making your life easier and cutting out the stress, so it’s fitting. Knowing my limitations and lack of experience with the whole slow cooking thing, I teamed up with some friends to share a few summer inspired crockpot recipes. While we don’t often think of a crockpot as a summer thing, it;s quite efficient and effective as it contains the heat so your house will stay cool. I’m all for that. Forget those soups and stews from the winter for now, here are some recipe ideas that you can make in your slow-cooker right now. And if you don’t have one of your own, enter the giveaway at the end of the blog!  Continue reading “{Nourish} Crockpot Giveaway with Summer Recipes”

{Nourish} Wrangle Your Freezer + One Pot Freezer Fried Rice

Fried rice
I tend to have a well stocked freezer which rocks until I forget about those foods that tend to lurk towards the back or are buried below the ingredients we use more often. That is why I try to commit to a monthly freezer inventory. When i keep track of the foods on hand it is less likely anything will go to waste because (reality check!) even frozen foods have a life-span and it may be shorter than you think!

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{Thrive} 10 Tip for Saving Money on Healthy Eats

Last month, the Harvard School of Public Health unveiled new research stating that the healthiest diets cost about $1.50 more per day when compared to less healthy diets.  By itself, $1.50 may not appear to be a lot of money; however this pocket change adds up quickly. This overage translates to an added cost of $550 per year for one person. Continue reading “{Thrive} 10 Tip for Saving Money on Healthy Eats”