{Katie’s Picks} Fermented Foods

By now you are probably familiar with the term “probiotic” and why they are so important. Probiotics are healthy bacteria and yeast that support your digestive tract, immune system and more. Sadly, due a poor diets that are high in sugar and processed foods along with the overuse of antibiotics and anti-bacterial everything–the healthy bacteria in our gut can be depleted (sad face). Not to worry, a diet rich in vegetables (another reason to gobble them up)–which contain prebiotic fibers that feed the healthy bacteria–and the inclusion of fermented foods can help to right your system. Sure, you can take a probiotic supplement –and this may be a good idea– but it is more fun to eat your way to better health, right?  Here are my picks for good-for-you probiotic rich fermented foods.  You might be amazed at the diversity of the offerings and that is good thing because you are more likely to find a product or two that is enjoyable to you! Continue reading “{Katie’s Picks} Fermented Foods”

{Nourish} Chicken Miso Stew

Chicken Miso Stew | The perfect bowl of savory broth, chicken and vegetables to warm you up on a cold winter night. Lately, it seems like my house is a petri dish with one nasty bug after another making us all feel totally ick. Add to the the cold and dreary winter weather and all that sounds appetizing is tea or a warming bowl of soup. This miso stew is perfect for feeding a cold or simply for warming you on a chilly day. It contains antioxidant rich vegetables, mineral dense seaweed and probiotics! Be careful not to overheat the miso though, you will kill off all the healthy bacteria that help re-populate your gut flora and boost your immune system!

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