{Nourish} Maple Hazelnut Cornbread

Maple Hazelnut CornbreadA worthwhile accident turned comfort food…That’s how this cornbread recipe came to be. I was given a beautiful bag of local heirloom cornmeal a few months back and it has been taunting me ever since. For whatever reason, I haven’t been compelled to use it even though it glares at me each and every time I open that cabinet door. Then, on Thanksgiving morning (because I didn’t  have enough to cook), I literally woke up determined to add cornbread to our holiday spread and that is how this Maple Hazelnut Cornbread recipe came to be. Continue reading “{Nourish} Maple Hazelnut Cornbread”

{Nourish} Everyday Roasted Chicken with Maple + Smoked Paprika

I would roast every meal in the oven if I could. I’m serious. There is nothing easier than popping your food into the oven, setting a time, and forgetting about it. It’s like you have a personal chef. I go about my day and then, when the timer goes off, we eat! And this chicken recipe. I make it every week. I’m not kidding. It is that good (you’re welcome). And, it is beyond easy. Continue reading “{Nourish} Everyday Roasted Chicken with Maple + Smoked Paprika”

{Nourish} Sunday Night Apple Granola

granolaGranola has always been such a go-to crunchy snack in my life and yet it took me until my twenties to start making my own batches. I started making it mostly out of necessity.  I was living and working on a farm so I was waking up really early and not stopping for lunch until the afternoon, so I needed a quick but tasty and filling breakfast. Thus a Sunday night granola baking tradition was born. Continue reading “{Nourish} Sunday Night Apple Granola”

{Nourish} Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall! Sweet Potato Zucchini Bread

photo-breadThis recipe is the result of left-over CSA zucchini and a desire to create a simple and healthy breakfast bread. I love using nut flours to boost the nutrient density of baked goods plus I ditched all the refined sugar and opted for maple and applesauce instead. The sweet potato lends to the sweetness of the bread as well. Continue reading “{Nourish} Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall! Sweet Potato Zucchini Bread”

{Nourish} 10 Ways to Accessorize your Breakfast Cereal


A hot breakfast cere10 Ways to Accessorize Your Breakfast Cerealal like oatmeal or millet porridge is a quick and easy way to start the day.  However, a bowl of plain-old cereal day after day can get seriously boring. Here are 10 ways to accessorize your breakfast cereal and keep the most important meal of the day not only nutritious but also incredibly satisfying. Continue reading “{Nourish} 10 Ways to Accessorize your Breakfast Cereal”