{Nourish} Labor Day Sides Recipe Round Up

Labor Day Party Side Dishes: Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, Healthy, RecipesI can hardly believe that Labor Day is this weekend! The older I get the fast the days seem to fly by. I am holding onto these last few days of summer though as the warm sun and bounty of seasonal produce this time of year truly nourishes my body and soul. In celebration of the season and the holiday I have rounded up a great mix of side-dishes that capture the essence of the season! Whether you are grilling up fish, burgers, chicken or veggie burgers (check out my picks), I am sure you will find a side-dish in this mix to match your menu! Cheers to the last days of summer and to welcoming fall with open arms!




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{Katie’s Picks} Clean Eating Veggie Burgers

Another holiday weekend is upon us and, for many, that means firing up the grill! Even though I am an omnivore I enjoy sinking my teeth into a super taste veggie burger from time to time to mix things up a bit! Sadly, just because a veggie burger is meat free it is generally perceived as healthy–but that is not always the case! Many veggies burgers bare ingredient lists loaded with highly processed, non-food ingredients. Choose quality first and opt for brands that use whole foods and ingredients you would use to make ’em yourself! Circle back to our post on Conscious Living Tips for more information on clean eating and reading labels. In the meantime, I did the work for you and rounded up a variety of veggie burgers that are both nutritious and delicious! Happy Grilling! Continue reading “{Katie’s Picks} Clean Eating Veggie Burgers”

{Nourish} Festive Ice Cubes That Make Any Drink Special

Ice_2_sqI am in love with these ice cubes. They are simple, beautiful and have the ability to make a glass of water spectacular. Berries going bad? Herbs overgrown? This is the recipe for you! You can mix and match different types of fruit and a variety of herbs to create flavorful, elegant ice cubes that transform a normal drink from drab to fab. Make a batch for your holiday celebrations this weekend and I promise, they will be the talk of the party! Continue reading “{Nourish} Festive Ice Cubes That Make Any Drink Special”

{Nourish} Littleneck “Clam Boil” with Chorizo Chicken Sausage and Potato

COOK_clamsGrowing up, one of my fondest memories was spending weekends at our local pool. A few nights each summer we would gather around a picnic table to enjoy a quintessential summer dinner! My dad would grill up hot dogs and hamburgers and on a few special nights we had a clam boil! We would help him shuck the corn (I would always freak out over the worms) and fill the mesh sacks with clams, potatoes, sausage and more. He would boil the bags in a large pot that sat next to the corn on the hot grill. This will always scream summer to me. As I got older I began making variations of this festive summer dish and it never disappointment. Continue reading “{Nourish} Littleneck “Clam Boil” with Chorizo Chicken Sausage and Potato”

{Nourish} Seared Scallops + Southwest Corn & Tomato Salad


Are you tired of cooking scallops that turn out rubbery and chewy? Try this recipe and it will never happen again! The key to cooking a great scallop lies in the quality of the scallop you purchase and the way you handle this delicate ingredient. This is a go-to recipe in my house because it can be whipped up in a cinch and requires only 5 minutes of actual cooking. Oh, and I am obsessed with raw corn so I make some variation of this salad over and over to take advantage of the sweet, crunchy goodness of local corn because, Jersey corn really is the best! Trust me.
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{Nourish} “Smoky” Salmon with Grilled Peach & Tomato Salad

IMG_9148  This is my favorite time of year when it comes to seasonal produce because tomatoes, peaches and corn are plentiful and beyond delicious. When ingredients are in season and locally grown they are so flavorful they practically speak for themselves which means you barely have to season them. This recipe really speaks to all that is fresh and good this time of year. I prepared this for a recent guest chef dinner I did at 41 North Hotel in Newport, RI. The theme was seafood because, well, summer is seafood season! For the next few days I am going to spotlight a few of my seafood recipes that have graced the menu at several recent events. They pay homage to this magical time of year and better yet, you wont have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing them! Enjoy!
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