{Thrive} Kringle, Our Holiday Kindness Elf

Kringle the Kindness ElfKindness. It’s free. Sprinkle that shit everywhere! Especially now. With the holidays on the horizon, I am thrilled to share with you to one of my favorite traditions, our “Kindness Elf”. His name is Kringle and he exist to remind our family of the true meaning of the holidays: giving to others, kindness, acceptance and of course, LOVE.  Starting on December 1st, he brings our family an act of kindness for each day of the month leading up to Christmas. Along with that act of kindness, he brings us an immense amount of joy and gratitude as we work together to touch the lives of others in a meaningful way. Want to start the tradition? Here is how. Continue reading “{Thrive} Kringle, Our Holiday Kindness Elf”

{Nourish} Chocolate Chip Cashew Butter Oatmeal Muffins

Chocolate Chip Cashew Butter Oatmeal MuffinsIf you ask Hudson, he would tell you that we have been eating cupcakes for breakfast this week, and that is fine by me! Now three weeks into kindergarten, we (meaning me) might actually be getting used to this new schedule which has dramatically slashed our morning chill time. Less time calls for healthy breakfast options that are appealing and easy to eat on the fly. This baked oatmeal muffin is exactly that and even better, it is just as appealing to us parents as you only need one bowl and a few ingredients. You might even have enough left over to freeze. Continue reading “{Nourish} Chocolate Chip Cashew Butter Oatmeal Muffins”

{Nourish} Turmeric Super Seed and Nut butter

NutButterHave you ever made your own nut butter? If not, you should. It’s fun, easy and really gratifying plus you can get really creative with your flavor profiles and add-ins. This turmeric butter is my latest concoction to follow the Cocoa Hazelnut Butter I created a few weeks back. I was craving something more savory and was eager to experiment with a variety of nuts and seeds. I had some fresh turmeric on hand and, well, this awesome spread is the result! Continue reading “{Nourish} Turmeric Super Seed and Nut butter”

{Nourish} Strawberries Galore + Crave Worthy “Use ‘Em Up” Recipes


Strawberries are in season…YAY! Nothing beats an in-season local strawberry and their sun-kissed warmth and  sweetness fresh from the field—it is magical. Last weekend we went on a strawberry picking adventure with Hudson and it was so much fun! I think Hudson ate more berries than made it into the basket but fortunately we had our berry picking game faces on! We went home with  hundreds of berries and our were shirts covered with berry stains to boot–it looked like there was a massacre on the farm, hahaha. As you may have noticed I have been actively trying to cut down on our contribution to the food waste epidemic so I went into a bit of a panic when i realized just how many berries we were bringing home! Panic quickly turned into action as soon as I made it to the kitchen though as I was determined to use each and every one…here is how! Continue reading “{Nourish} Strawberries Galore + Crave Worthy “Use ‘Em Up” Recipes”

{Breathe} Using Visualization to Meditate + DIY Glitter Jar


I am always looking for ways to make meditation feel more accessible for myself and for all of you. I know that my breath can be a really powerful tool when I am stressed out but, in those moments, meditation can feel really hard! That being said, visualization can be a great way to focus your mind and your breath when you feel really scattered and here are a few techniques worth trying! Continue reading “{Breathe} Using Visualization to Meditate + DIY Glitter Jar”