{Monthly Morsels}: August Edition

Things you should know August @katiecavutoRDThe unofficial last day of summer may be behind us but there are still a few weeks of summer left to enjoy so don’t unpack your fall clothes just yet! Instead–keep indulging in tomatoes, peaches and corn until you literally can’t stand it anymore–soak up the sun and enjoy these last few weeks of green! August was a busy month on the blog with a bounty of summer-centric recipes, back-to-school goodies and more. Here is a round-up of the month’s tastiest morsels.

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{Nourish} Back to School: Fridge Worthy School Lunch Cheat Sheet

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When my son started preschool last year I had a minor panic attack at the thought of packing him a healthy lunch. Up until this point he ate whole food based meals, like dinner leftovers, for lunch everyday. He had never had a sandwich or wrap yet that was my go-to idea of a school lunch. Add to that the fact that his school was nut free and I felt paralyzed. I’m not kidding–I felt totally inadequate and overwhelmed, especially considering the fact that I cook for a living. Once I stepped off the ledge I decided to get organized. I put together this useful chart which includes a list of his favorite foods. I used the list to help with my weekly shopping and simply mixed and matched items to create his lunches. Honestly, this list was a lifesaver for non-school meal days as well. It allowed me to keep his meals balances with proteins, healthy carbohydrates and fats and whole foods centric. Bonus: I didn’t have to think to much come mealtime. I peeked in the fridge and at the chart and then pieced together his lunch. I even use it to pre-portion and pack healthy snacks for the week.   Here is a basic chart to get you started–change the offerings based on the season and or your kiddos likes and dislikes. Happy packing!  Continue reading “{Nourish} Back to School: Fridge Worthy School Lunch Cheat Sheet”

{Thrive} Trust Your Gut: Choosing Foods That Make You Feel Good

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The foundation of my nutrition practice has always been rooted in the fact that nutrition is not one size fits all. I wish nutrition could be more black and white but it isn’t. I accept the fact that we are all individuals and what works for one person very well won’t work for the next. That being said, we need to learn to be our own advocate. It takes patience, trial and error and a good amount of self-reflection understand your own bodies needs but it is so worth it. I often try to simplify my nutrition messages so that they don’t feel so overwhelming  and my foundation mantra is this: “Eat foods that make you feel good and avoid those that don’t”. If you experience physical or emotional discomfort from eating a certain food, well, it might be a good idea to avoid it. Here is my story…

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{Nourish} Farro with Lacinato Kale and Spring Herb Pesto + GF/DF Options

farro resizedThe spring and early summer farmer’s market tends to be a bounty or green and let’s be honest, we can only eat so many salads per day! I am always looking for fun ways to incorporate my greens into my meals in a way that my whole family will enjoy. I love the simplicity of this grain salad–you can make it with farro or sorghum if you prefer gluten free. The pesto is dairy free as that works best for us but go ahead and add a pinch of parmesan if you enjoy it. Remember, cheese is best as a condiment so go easy. Continue reading “{Nourish} Farro with Lacinato Kale and Spring Herb Pesto + GF/DF Options”