{Thrive} Mindful Monday: Setting the Tone

Be The Ebergy You Want to SeeBe the change you want to see. That is this week’s mantra. Toward the end of the week last week I was spinning my emotional wheels. I felt exhausted and depleted and annoyed with everyone and everything (including myself). I found myself placing blame on others and brainstorming ways I could convince them to change. Sound familiar? We’ve all done it. Continue reading “{Thrive} Mindful Monday: Setting the Tone”

{Monthly Morsels} Winter Edition

monthly morsels winter edition January February March @katiecavuto

I know, it’s Monday and that usually means a “Mindful Monday” post but this little guy is long overdue! Spring is finally upon us and the “Monthly Morsels” blog post, which was cozy and hibernating over the past few months (wink, wink), is back and ready for some love. January, February and March have come and gone, but not without leaving behind a bounty of nourishing bites and many a lesson learned. Now that the trees are blooming and the sun is shining a little brighter, what better way to welcome this new beginning than with a quick recap of those long winter months. So while you might be spring cleaning from the settled winter, be sure not to throw away these worthy morsels! Oh, by the way, check back often as there are a ton of spring recipes that are in the line up–ready to be shared with you! Continue reading “{Monthly Morsels} Winter Edition”

{Nourish.Breathe.Thrive}: The Best of 2015


With the year coming to a close I find that celebrating bright moments is a great way to reflect and to create gratitude. In regards to the blog…it is an awesome way for you to re-visit or explore a few of the top posts from the past year. From recipes to round-ups, “Katie’s Picks” and many mindful moments, here are the top blog posts from the 2015. Feel free to link to your favorite post in the comments below! Sending you all joy and peace for the New Year! Continue reading “{Nourish.Breathe.Thrive}: The Best of 2015”

{Thrive} Mindful Monday: What Really Defines You?

FullSizeRenderI was listening to NPR last week. It was a story about what it means to be a breast cancer “survivor”. The focus of the story was on the fact that some women find it difficult to relate to that word and struggle with defining its meaning. It got me thinking about the ways we define ourselves. The words or labels we hold onto and those that we tend to forget. Continue reading “{Thrive} Mindful Monday: What Really Defines You?”

{Breathe} Mindful Monday: Savor the Ordinary Moments


Last week I shared the importance of hitting pause from time to time. Really, we should make this a regular practice. When we pause we are more present in the moment, but the exercise does not stop there. Once we pause we also need to savor. Savor the beauty of that moment even if it is fairly mundane. Life becomes wildly beautiful and meaningful when you are able to appreciate otherwise “normal” moments for all the loveliness that exists in them. For this week’s intention, pick a rather mundane moment that occurs regularly in your life and pause to find the beauty in it. Pause to feel gratitude. I am feeling excited just thinking about this! Continue reading “{Breathe} Mindful Monday: Savor the Ordinary Moments”