{Nourish} Vanilla Coconut Raspberry Chia Pudding

ChiaAnother raspberry recipe? Why not! I had a bag of frozen raspberries on hand from the Raspberry, Maple and Thyme Roasted Salmon recipe (maybe you do too…) so I whipped up this simple chia pudding with the rest of the berries. As the countdown to Valentine’s Day continues, I have figured why not commit to the color red for the week?  It is a lovely color, especially when food is involved. Come to think of it, some of my favorite foods are some variation of red–berries, tomatoes, salmon, peppers, pomegranate…I could go on. Back to the recipe. Have you ever had a chia pudding? Making it is like a science experiment! When you combine a liquid with chia seeds there is some magic that happens and we can all use a little magic in our lives! Continue reading “{Nourish} Vanilla Coconut Raspberry Chia Pudding”

{Nourish} Roasted Salmon with Raspberry, Maple and Thyme

Whether you are looking to update your everyday salmon recipes or searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day meal, this is the recipe for you. Prepared and on the table in 15 minutes, you can’t go wrong with this roasted salmon dish. Tart (yet sweet!) frozen raspberries combine with real maple syrup, whole grain mustard and thyme to create a perfectly balanced glaze that is beautiful, simple and delicious! Continue reading “{Nourish} Roasted Salmon with Raspberry, Maple and Thyme”