{Thrive} 20 Gifts for Eating Well & Living Joyfully

giftsI love giving gifts. Actually, I love giving thoughtful gifts that feel personal and purposeful. While I did avoid the chaos of black Friday like the plague, I’ve been busy scouring the web for ideas and, dare I say, I am about 90% finished with my shopping this year. That might be a record though our goal to cut out the crap and instead spend time enjoying the holidays (and each other) has made this task a bit easier. Still, right about now I start to get major shopping fatigue. I run out of inspiration and I figured you might as well so I gathered a few of my favorites things to help you finish your shopping! If you don’t find something here that speaks to you, check out the newly launched shop which spotlights quite a few of my favorite things to inspire you and yours to “Eat Well and Live Joyfully!” Continue reading “{Thrive} 20 Gifts for Eating Well & Living Joyfully”

{Thrive} Better Beauty for Fall


Better Beauty Routine for Fall WeatherCool nights, cozy sweaters and root vegetables…exhale, it is finally fall. The transition from summer to fall always creates a bit of a craze before we are able to slow down and settle in to this snuggly time of year.  As the days get shorter and the weather changes, so does our body. We begin to crave warming foods and our summery,  summer kissed skin starts to shift into survival mode for the harsh, cold months ahead. Our tanned skin likely needs some TLC prior to hunkering down for the dry of the winter.This is the perfect excuse to take some time to yourself for some skincare TLC. Yes, this is coming from the girl that barely washes her face but even I know my skin can use some love this time of year.  Continue reading “{Thrive} Better Beauty for Fall”

{Breathe} Compelling Reasons to Start Soaking + DIY Bath Salts!


I am a bath junky. In a prefect world I would tub it most nights because it warms me up (I tend to be cold), calms me down and provides some much needed me time as well as the space to take some cleansing breaths in an otherwise chaotic day.  I am also a sucker for bath salts as they have many medicinal properties and amplify my tubbing experience. Truth: sometimes I close my eyes and inhale the smell of the salts and pretend I am at a spa in a faraway magical place–its pretty dreamy!  One of my favorite bath rituals (you are going to laugh, hehe) I call the “Frog Shower”.  Right before the tub is full I  turn the shower on for a few minutes and completely drift away. I call it a “frog shower” because I feel like a happy little frog lounging on a lily pad in the rain (hehe). I am such a dork but I bet you are thinking, “hmmmm, that sounds cool!?” I mean seriously, what is better than a few moments of fairy-tale bliss? Okay, Okay–enough about my weirdo rituals– I am sure you are giggling at this point which is awesome because laughter is so good for us–even if it is at my expense. Hopefully you are also day-dreaming of a luxurious bath because here is the how to and why you should indulge! Continue reading “{Breathe} Compelling Reasons to Start Soaking + DIY Bath Salts!”