{Thrive} Mindful Monday: A Dry Skin Brushing How-To

skin care and body brushing @katiecavutoRD
I know, Valentine’s day is over but that doesn’t mean the self-love celebration needs to end–nor should it–ever! Today’s Mindful Monday post is about a self-care tool, dry skin brushing. Have you heard of it? Don’t worry if it is new to you–it is fairly new to me too. What do I love about this self-care tool? It is good for you, easy, kinda fun (well, I think so), fast and pretty much free. Sounds good to me. Continue reading “{Thrive} Mindful Monday: A Dry Skin Brushing How-To”

{Thrive} Mindful Monday: The Truth About Fragrance

why fragrances are bad for youNo one wants to smell like a pile of dirty socks but do you really want to douse yourself in toxins to avoid it? You might be! You see, every day, in many ways, we expose ourselves to toxin-laden synthetic fragrances and this is not limited to your daily spritz of perfume. Synthetic fragrances are EVERYWHERE! Curious where they might lurk? Sniff on this…they may be  in your shampoo, cosmetics, cleaning products, air-fresheners, candles, laundry detergents/dryer sheets and more. That scent triggered migraine you loathe? Synthetic fragrances may be the cause.  You’re listening, right!? Continue reading “{Thrive} Mindful Monday: The Truth About Fragrance”