{Thrive} 20 Gifts for Eating Well & Living Joyfully

giftsI love giving gifts. Actually, I love giving thoughtful gifts that feel personal and purposeful. While I did avoid the chaos of black Friday like the plague, I’ve been busy scouring the web for ideas and, dare I say, I am about 90% finished with my shopping this year. That might be a record though our goal to cut out the crap and instead spend time enjoying the holidays (and each other) has made this task a bit easier. Still, right about now I start to get major shopping fatigue. I run out of inspiration and I figured you might as well so I gathered a few of my favorites things to help you finish your shopping! If you don’t find something here that speaks to you, check out the newly launched shop which spotlights quite a few of my favorite things to inspire you and yours to “Eat Well and Live Joyfully!” Continue reading “{Thrive} 20 Gifts for Eating Well & Living Joyfully”

{Nourish}: Spice Up Your Popcorn with a Shake, shake, shake!

Popcorn (2)




As the weather starts to cool I begin to crave comfy clothes, snuggles and snacking. I am so excited that my new(ish) home has a fireplace which is a luxury I have not had the pleasure of regularly enjoying since I moved out of parents house almost 20 years ago (whoa). I have to pause for an “I feel old” moment.

Okay, back to fires, snuggles and movies which feels more magical than thinking about my age…hahahaha. Movies and popcorn are the best of friends but sadly, most store-bought popcorns are crap. There I said it. Crap!  Don’t freak out though–popcorn is a whole food snack that can be purchased and or cooked in a variety of healthy ways– so put on your sweats, grab your slippers and get ready for some healthy noshing and relaxing! Sign me up! Continue reading “{Nourish}: Spice Up Your Popcorn with a Shake, shake, shake!”

{Nourish} Build A Better PB & J

Build a Better PB & JThe Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich has been a long-time lunch staple for both kids and adults and this isn’t without reason. Inexpensive and easy to make, the PB&J is a well-balanced meal combining energizing carbohydrates from bread and jelly with satisfying protein, fiber and healthy fats from the nuts (or in the case of the peanut butter, legumes). Yet, this tried and true sandwich can easily land in the hall of shame if you are not mindful of the ingredients you use to build it. Here are my tips for creating a super healthy sandwich with recipes to boot!

Continue reading “{Nourish} Build A Better PB & J”

{Nourish} Whole Food Swap: DIY Trail Mix

{Build A Better Trail Mix}-9I am a huge fan of trail mix–it is a portable, nutrient dense snack. I have an issue with many store bought trail mixes though as they often contain sugar-sweetened dried fruits (otherwise known as candy) as well as candy (hello there M & M’s) and more. So, in the quest to rid your cart of less-than-healthy packaged foods I figured I would give you a simple tutorial on building your own trail mix! Continue reading “{Nourish} Whole Food Swap: DIY Trail Mix”