{Nourish} Cool Weather Cobbler

Cool Weather Cobbler with Cranberries and Ginger @KatieCavutoRDAs far as I am concerned, every season deserves a cobbler or crumble of sorts. While I tend not to have much of a sweet tooth (pass the potato chips, please), I love fruit and roasted fruit may just top the list of my favorite desserts–they simply feel more savory to me. This cool weather cobbler is packed with fall flavors including savory spices like ginger and cinnamon. Apple and pears cozy up together with antioxidant rich, immune boosting cherries and cranberries for a colorful, sweet and tart, treat that is really satisfying. The crumble is bolstered by the richness of almonds and pumpkin seeds which add texture, satiating healthy fats and an added boost of nutrient density. A touch of maple syrup is all you need to accent this naturally sweet dessert that is honestly so good for you I would eat it for breakfast too! Bonus, you can swap the fruit depending on the season. Peaches, rhubarb, berries–they would all work beautifully in this recipe! Continue reading “{Nourish} Cool Weather Cobbler”

{Nourish} Citrus and Spice Quinoa Coconut Breakfast Porridge

quinoa coconut breakfast porridgeI am obsessed with orange zest right now. Take that as a warning as it is likely to show up in a good number of recipes (including this one). Why? Because it taste so darn good.I am in love with the festive brightness and natural sweetness orange zest adds to a recipe. From baked goods to savory grains, marinades and salad dressings–I am hooked. Continue reading “{Nourish} Citrus and Spice Quinoa Coconut Breakfast Porridge”