Mindful Monday: How to Heal by Embracing Our Brokenness

How to Heal by Embracing Our BrokennessI turned 38 yesterday and my greatest gift was one that I gave to myself. It’s the opportunity to continue to re-write my story. To un-knot my chains. It’s a rebirth of sorts. One that I aim to offer myself daily with compassion and love. A surrender to my brokenness that is coupled with gratitude. Gratitude for each day which offers me the chance to gently pick up the pieces and, one by one, put them back together in a more authentic and loving way. You see, three years ago, on my 35th birthday, my body gave me a wake-up call. An array of random symptoms that included stomach troubles, nephropathy, migraines, joint pain, vision issues and all around fatigue. This led me on a difficult year long journey that ended with a diagnosis of Chronic Lyme a few days before my 36th birthday. I spent that year frenetically jumping from doctor to doctor, trying EVERYTHING I could to beat this disease. Trying to will it away with determination. Then, the stress of it all along with the high-dose antibiotic protocol I had been on for a year, landed me in the emergency room the eve of my 37th birthday. Sadly, I said hello to my 37th year in a hospital gown feeling helpless and broken. It was defeating to say the least. I hit rock bottom. But, the good thing about being that broken is that the only way out is up. I was ready to surrender to my brokenness and to give myself the chance to rebuild. Continue reading “Mindful Monday: How to Heal by Embracing Our Brokenness”

{Breathe} Mindful Monday: Practicing Patience

practicing patience I am used to getting things done. You know, I set my mind on something…I pour every ounce of myself into it…I get it done. The thing is, I am learning that this doesn’t always work. My Lyme, it has another plan for me. I can’t will it away. No matter how hard I try and believe me, I have tried. I have to trust the journey.  I have to surrender. I have to embrace who I am…right now…and abandon my desire to be anything more than this. I have to be patient. Patience…it’s hard! Continue reading “{Breathe} Mindful Monday: Practicing Patience”