{Nourish} Is Tuna Healthy? & An Everyday Tuna Salad with Apples

tuna salad with applesI am constantly searching for ways to make lunch feel exciting. Otherwise, I end up eating the same thing every….single….. day for what feels like weeks on end. It’s true. I needed to break out of the rut and this family friendly recipe did the trick. Like the Chicken Salad with Grapes and Dill that I posted a few weeks ago, this simple tuna salad recipe has the addition of fresh, in season apples which offer a twist on the traditional recipe we all grew up eating.  Tried and true, this recipe was a staple at my cafe, and I am happy to see it resurface so I can share it with all of you because tuna salad is yummy and easy and there is no cooking involved. Win. Continue reading “{Nourish} Is Tuna Healthy? & An Everyday Tuna Salad with Apples”

{Nourish} Chicken Salad with Grapes and Dill

Chicken Salad with Grapes and Dill @KatieCavutoRDIt’s been a while. I know. I have broken so many blogger rules by simply peacing out but hey, I am getting over all of those shoulds and embracing real life. My family needed me. I needed me. So, the blog, it had to wait. But, I am back and we are day three into a brand-new school routine. Hudson started kindergarten this week and after months of worrying about how he was going to deal with the transition…he is all smiles and I am the one that is exhausted. Ha! Now that we are out the door in an hour in the mornings, planning ahead has become more essential than ever. I get a pass on packing Hudson’s lunch for now (he has to eat at school which is a whole rant in itself) which gives me a bit more time to pack my own. No, I am not making chicken salad from scratch at 7 am, but I am making a batch at the beginning of each week and you can too!  Continue reading “{Nourish} Chicken Salad with Grapes and Dill”

{Nourish} Thrive Green Blender Juice

Green Blender JuiceSay hello to my mean, green morning routine. I have been consciously trying to up my vegetable intake and this refreshing green smoothie-ish blender juice has done the trick! We can all stand to eat more vegetables and breakfast is one meal where they tend to be lacking. Greens, Celery, Cucumber, Parsley, Lemon, Apple and Water–one benefit of blending this over juicing is that all the healthy fiber remains a part of the drink! Continue reading “{Nourish} Thrive Green Blender Juice”