{Thrive} 5 Ways to Eat More Vegetables

5 Ways to Eat More Vegetables Eat more vegetables. This may be my favorite nutrition tip and it’s a positive wellness intention I focus on daily. I’m always encouraging myself to eat more vegetables. If you consider the risk to benefit ratio of this recommendation, it speaks for itself. Risk: minimal. Benefits: abundant. Plus, I love an intention that encourages me to have more versus less, especially when it comes to food. Enough of the deprivation people. Let’s be grateful for the food on our plate.  That being said, for most of us omnivores, the idea of planning a meal around carrots sounds, well, lackluster at best. Fortunately, the concept of creating a vegetable-centric plate can and often does include meat, fish and poultry. The key is mindfully rearranging your plate so that the veggies are the star and the animal proteins play a more supporting role. Eat more vegetables. One of my 5 Intentions for the New Year and a great mantra we can use to kick off the month. Here are five tips to make this feel more achievable.

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{Nourish} Holiday Side Dish Round-Up

Roasted Delicata Squash @KatiecavutoRdThe side dishes are my favorite part of  our Thanksgiving feast. Root vegetables and winter squash are so cozy and satisfying. Orange zest as well as earthy, savory herbs and spices have a tendency to slay me. I am honestly getting giddy just thinking about our holiday spread. Thanksgiving may be  my favorite meal of the year.  While I love tradition, I also enjoy introducing new flavors, grains and vegetables to our holidays so keep it interesting. So much so that I am cooking up a Moroccan Spiced Turkey this year which has me daydreaming of the aromatic scents that will fill my kitchen this time next week. If you’re not ready to give up those traditional sides, it could be fun to add something new to your spread and this post has all of the inspiration you need. Fire crackling, candles lit, Thanksgiving is about to kick off the cozy vibes that embody the cooler months of winter. Yes! Continue reading “{Nourish} Holiday Side Dish Round-Up”

{Thrive} Morsels and Musings


With the launch of the new site it was only fitting to introduce a new blog theme, “Morsels and Musings”. This is an opportunity for me to share a bit about myself–the recipes I am loving, fun kitchen tips, worthy reads (be it books or clips), and wellness tips that are important to share but not meaty enough for an entire post. I hope you enjoy these little snapshots of my life and my loves. Continue reading “{Thrive} Morsels and Musings”

{Nourish} Healthy Holiday Side Dishes: A Round Up!


Thanksgiving is one week away which means you still have plenty of time to inspire yourself to serve up some seriously tasty food for your holiday feast. Even better, this collection of recipes, while decadently delicious, are good for you too– but don’t bother sharing that tidbit with your guests! Let them sit back and enjoy while you feel good about the nourishing food your are servings. From salads to stuffing, vegetables and dips–I have your covered! Cheers to a festive and joyful holiday table that is filled with gratitude and love! Continue reading “{Nourish} Healthy Holiday Side Dishes: A Round Up!”

{Nourish} Curried Quinoa with Butternut Squash and Pepitas

curried quinoa butternut suqashFall demands bold flavor profiles and curries are a natural fit. Both Indian and Thai curries pair perfectly with in-season produce like winter squash, cauliflower and eggplant. This curried quinoa dish is a great example. I am a huge fan of cooking my grains with a variety of spices that are soaked up with the cooking liquid. Yum. This recipe is a hearty side-dish that is elegant enough for your holiday table (I know, we are not quite there but it’s worth the mention). Packed with plenty of plant based protein from the quinoa and seeds (and optional beans)–it’s a stand alone meal as well. The earthy, warming curry paired with the sweetness of the butternut squash makes this a truly comforting and satisfying dish–no matter it use. Oh, and by the way…it would be the perfect side dish to the Maple Roasted Chicken with Figs and Grapes that I posted earlier this week!

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