{Nourish} Buddha Bowl with Almond Turmeric Aioli

Buddha Bowl Turmeric Aioli

{Sponsored Post} It’s Almond Day and this Buddha Bowl with Almond Turmeric Aioli is the perfect way to celebrate. I partnered with California Almonds this year to count down the days to Almond Day by developing tips and recipes to help you achieve your wellness goals. This is one of the 16 recipes that I developed and I figured it would be fun to share a few of my tips here too!  Continue reading “{Nourish} Buddha Bowl with Almond Turmeric Aioli”

{Nourish} Recipe Round Up: Root Vegetables

Root Vegetable Recipe Round Up

It’s root vegetable season and that means a whole lot of sweet and savory goodness on your plate. Sure, you can fall back on those tried and true recipes you are used to but, I figured a little inspiration would do you good. Here is a round-up of root vegetables recipes from a few of my foodie dietitian colleagues. Prepare yourself to be swooned. Continue reading “{Nourish} Recipe Round Up: Root Vegetables”

{Nourish}: Roasted Beet + Poppy Seed Hummus

HummusI have been on a major hummus kick lately. We all have actually–even my four year old son who recently discovered his love for celery and for dipping it in hummus. I love making my own hummus considering it is as simple as throwing some beans into the blender with lemon, garlic and tahini–staple ingredients in our house. I also love the fact that a traditional hummus is the perfect canvas for other ingredients and flavors. A few of my favorites? This smoked paprika and butternut squash hummus or the variety I make with roasted eggplant, yum! I am all for ease when it comes to whipping up good-for-me eats and this beautifully hued beet hummus takes first prize in that category. Why? It you take a few short cuts this is a two ingredient dish! Here’s how… Continue reading “{Nourish}: Roasted Beet + Poppy Seed Hummus”

{Nourish}: More Than Zoodles-A Vegetable Spiralizing Round-Up


Last week I shared my first zoodling (is that a word) experience and a seasonal recipe that won over my family (below). It has only been a few days since my maiden spiralizing voyage and I am hooked! I quickly ran out of zucchini (as I was adding zoodles to everything) which got me thinking, “why do the other veggies have to be left out”? So, I checked out to a few of my colleagues blogs to investigate other vegetables that would work as well and lucky for us — there are many! Here is a round-up of recipes using not only zucchini but carrots, beets, cucumbers and more! What is your favorite recipe to spiralize? Continue reading “{Nourish}: More Than Zoodles-A Vegetable Spiralizing Round-Up”