{Nourish} I Eat To Nourish My Body

Mindset is everything. I continue to learn this over and over again and if you have worked with me one-on-one you know that we put a lot of focus on the energy of our intentions. We tend to be really hard on ourselves and then we use our self-loathing as the catalyst for making change. The thing is, it get’s us no where. How could it? Positive intentions create positive results. Let’s explore this in relationship to food, weight and illness for a moment. Continue reading “{Nourish} I Eat To Nourish My Body”

{Retreat} Baja Wellness Glamping Retreat March 2020!

Baja Gratitude RetreatTravel has always felt immensely connecting for me and considering my intention to connect with and support this community, I’ve created a few special opportunities. To say I’m excited about this Baja Glamping adventure is an understatement. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature, self-reflection and community all the while taking some time for ourselves to restore and grow together. There’s a lot to be grateful for!


Continue reading “{Retreat} Baja Wellness Glamping Retreat March 2020!”

{Breathe} Mindful Moments: Perfectionism is Anxiety in Disguise

I’ve been labeled a “perfectionist” for many years and my ego always found pride in that. That’s until my wise mind reminded me that my perfectionism was simply a manifestation of anxiety…”If I’m perfect I can prevent bad things from happening to me”. It’s control in disguise. My wise mind knows this is completely unrealistic (because life happens no matter how perfect I try to be) and my body knows it’s completely exhausting so I’m embracing my new label of perfectly imperfect and learning to trust that it’s enough.  Continue reading “{Breathe} Mindful Moments: Perfectionism is Anxiety in Disguise”

{Thrive} “Manifest Joy” November Mini-Retreat!

Manifest Joy Retreat“Gratitude is the flashlight that leads us through the darkness” – Deepak Chopra

I continue to be in awe of the power of gratitude. Gratitude practices help us stay in the flow of grace and allow us to stay grounded and present moment. Gratitude connects us with the FACT that everything we have is everything we need and everything we need is everything that we have. With this in mind, my dear friend and colleague Julia and I created this accessible retreat to give you the opportunity to explore gratitude and abundance with us. Continue reading “{Thrive} “Manifest Joy” November Mini-Retreat!”

{Thrive} Change is hard, isn’t it?

I’ve been MIA. You may or may not have noticed but the truth is that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that I am eager to reconnect with with all of you. I haven’t had much to say over the past many months and I know that’s okay. Just like it’s okay to not always be okay. We all get stuck in the mud sometimes and the past several months have felt muddy. Muddy and hard and confusing but I’ve been doing my best to trust the process and the lessons that lie within all of these moments. And by moments I mean a lot of transition. Change is so hard, isn’t it? Continue reading “{Thrive} Change is hard, isn’t it?”