{Breathe} An Easy Guided Meditation for Letting Go

Lately, my personal practice has been focused on trust and surrender and asking for help to let go of that which I no longer need. Ask and you shall receive. 

During a recent reiki session, the most beautiful meditation came to me. A meditation that allowed the participants to let go of their fears without pain or struggle, but with ease and peace. I keep coming back to this meditation as the visualization has been really helpful for me.

Throughout my healing journey I have worked hard uncover the many fears that I was/am holding onto. I get that this can feel relentless. As soon as I work through one fear based thought another seems to be right behind it. While this is quite normal it’s certainly not an easy practice.

The good news is that I am have become much more aware of my emotional experiences. When I used to feel fear or anxiety I would tense up and do my best to avoid or ignore it. Now, I do my best to turn towards it. To allow it to surface and to compassionately sit with it so that I can release it. I am far for perfect but I’m moving in the right direction.

Sitting with Our Emotions

It’s not easy to turn towards our emotions if we’re used to avoiding them. It takes courage and some effort to create the space for stillness. I understand that the idea of sitting still with our thoughts can be overwhelming but I’ve founds that leading clients through a guided meditation can be really helpful as they feel supported and held through the process. 

I hope that this meditation will help you sit with your uncomfortable emotions. I know it’s helped me. 

Guided Meditation for Letting Go  

Close your eyes. Ground yourself with a few full and purposeful breaths. It helps to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth a couple of times. An audible sigh on the out breath can help you to settle. When you are ready, normalize your breath and bring your attention to any areas of your body that feel tense. Breathe into those areas to soften them. This in itself is a great mediation practice you can do anytime.

Now, notice any emotions that might start to surface. Fear? Anger? Sadness? Grief? These are natural emotions that are a normal part of our human experience. Smile at them and feel how your heart sighs in relief.


Hold your hands out in front of you like your catching a snowflake. You can do this literally or simply visualize the action in your minds eye. Gently, with love and compassion, place those difficult emotions or experiences in the palm of your hand. One at a time works best. Imagine the emotion or experience is a feather and set it free with your breath. Watch as it’s floats away…effortlessly. There is no resistance. Instead, a sense of peace.

If you do feel resistance, don’t panic. Simply question the reasons why you might be resisting. Explore this with compassion and love, like you were doing this for a friend. Breathe into the resistance as much as you can. Even speak to yourself and say, “it’s okay. I’m not ready yet. I will come back to this again and do my best to move through it” 

No matter your experience, when you see a feather, it may remind you that you are able to transform those uncomfortable emotions by simply smiling at them and with a gently exhale, set them free. 


3 thoughts on “{Breathe} An Easy Guided Meditation for Letting Go

  1. Love this Katie.
    It’s taken me a long time to realize that I have defined myself by the bad that has happened in my life. Divorce, breast cancer, not thinking I am deserving of good, staying in a not so great relationship.
    I need to change my mind set but it is soooo hard.
    Thank you for your inspiring words!!

    1. Patty!! This is so true for many of us. Learning to see ourselves as god does is really hard work. I’m so happy you have found awareness. That’s the first step! Learning to live from a place of gratitude and goodness and worth comes next. It’s a practice that I am working on myself. Be gentle with yourself – it takes time to undo the old habits. Love you!

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