{Thrive} Do I Need To Buy Organic?

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Do I have to buy organic to be healthy? I get this question a lot and it came up several times in the survey responses so I figured this was a topic well worth discussing. Out of the gate, I want to put your mind at ease.Fear is more debilitating to your body than eating any food, conventional or organic. So YES, you can eat an immensely nourishing diet with out purchasing organic foods. When we think about health and wellness the best thing you can do is take a step back and breathe. Yes, breathe. We tend to hold onto a lot of fear and control when it comes to food. And the fear is more debilitating than the foods themselves!

The last thing I want is for anyone to feel they are failing themselves because they cannot afford to eat the foods that they think they should be. You know how I feel about “shoulds”. They have no place here. We beat ourselves up enough, we don’t have to perpetuate this.

Let’s circle back to the basics. How can we set positive intentions around our health and the foods we are eating?

5 Positive Nutrition Intentions

  1. I do my best to eat foods that Nourish My Body.
  2. I will do my best to eat more Whole, unprocessed foods 
  3. I will do my best to eat more vegetables.
  4. I will do my best to eat foods that make my body feel good.
  5. A healthy diet is one in which all foods fit and I allow myself to enjoy all of my eating experiences

If you need to, read that again and again. Let’s also take a moment to note what isn’t included. For one, there is no mention of organic foods or super foods or supplements. There is no mention of deprivation or bad foods.


A great way we can empower ourselves is to focus on what we want to add to our plate instead of what we are taking away. By focusing on eating more plant foods we can naturally crowd out other foods without having to take ANYTHING away.

It’s Not Organic? Now What?

Here’s the thing. If you avoid the strawberries the lettuce and the apples because they aren’t organic then what ends up in your cart instead? Possibly something processed which is by no means superior to a whole food. Eat the whole foods first and foremost. The end.

If you choose to buy Organic, it’s a personal decision that should feel good. No need for fear or financial hardship.

What if I Don’t Eat All Whole Foods?

Exhale. Perfection does not exists.

Organic and whole foods aside, it’s also important to allow ourselves to enjoy the foods that we love even if they are processed and lacking in nutrients. Why? The taste really good!

Every food can fit, the cookie and the kale! Satisfaction is the key! And satisfaction exists when we EXHALE and allow ourselves to eat all foods, void of fear and empowered by the fact that we are nourishing our bodies and enjoying the foods that we love, all at the same time!



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  1. The article was great since the workshop I have become more mindful and it was a recharge and refocus on my body and Taking care of me.Thanks Joann

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