{Breathe} How to Find Gratitude in the Things That Feel Hard

Journal This: How Can You Bring Gratitude to the Things That Feel Hard? 

Twice today, I was in discussion about gratitude but we weren’t talking about sunshine or flowers or a roof over our head. We were bringing gratitude to the moments in our lives that have brought us to our knees because these are the moments that have cleared the path to truly show us the way.
As we give thanks this week, let’s look past the things that feel good and easy and instead find gratitude in our challenges for through them, we are able to truly grow, heal and feel blessed. 

Can you bring gratitude to your struggles?

That difficult relationship? Your illness? Your financial hardships? Your broken heart? All the things that feel like they don’t go as planned. What blessings and lessons lie within them? Can you change your perspective so they feel empowering?

Can you bring gratitude to the teachers in your life? While some show up as mentors and support systems, our greatest teachers may be found in the contrast – you know, those difficult relationships that ask us, how can I do this better? What can I learn from this? What role am I playing in this experience?

When we are able to see the light and love in our suffering, we can more easily trust the process because we can truly believe, with gratitude, that everything is always working out for us. There are lessons and blessing in each moment and for that, I am grateful. When we trust we feel held and connected and nurtured so deeply…no matter what. And for this, I am forever thankful. 💗 

With this being said, what are your grateful for? ✨

Journal Prompt

Name one or several challenges you have faced in your life then answer one of the following questions. 

  • What did I learn from this experience?
  • How did I grow from this experience?
  • What blessing did I gain from this experience?
  • Name a few people that supported you through the experience and or, how you realized your own strength…because sometimes the universe asked us to do things on our own so we can learn just how capable we are.

Sending Love and Light to all of you on Thanksgiving and always…


7 thoughts on “{Breathe} How to Find Gratitude in the Things That Feel Hard

  1. Thanks Katie certainly something to think about. I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. You are one of the people I am thankful I have meant through my breast cancer journey and through meeting you I have definitely grown.

    1. Thank you! I have grown so much through my interactions will all of you as well. Life is so beautiful in that way. Sending love and light to you!

  2. Thank you, Katie. This has been my focus this season, but you said it so much better than I could! You see, one year ago, we suddenly lost our beautiful 18 year old daughter to an undiagnosed cardiac condition. A year into this journey, I am trying so hard to focus my gratitude on those 18 years, plus the lives she touched beyond our family…knowing that, somehow, we need to find goodness in our unspeakable sorrow. This Thanksgiving, I am feeling grateful for the countless blessings in my life, including those blessings that were cut short. ❤️ Thank you for this great post to help me with that!

    1. Colleen! Thank you for sharing. What a difficult year you have been through. My heart aches for you. I am so happy that this post was able to bring some light to your sorrow. Be sure to love yourself through all of this – there is no right or wrong way through grief. It’s a journey. I can feel your daughters light and love – it is very much with you! XO

  3. Thank you, Katie, for reminding me about the situations that have been hard for me at the moment and later caused me to be strong and find gratitude because someone special came to my side to help me through this tough time. I keep a gratitude journal to remind myself of the little things that I am grateful for in life.

  4. Thank you for the great blog post . I reread it and will try the exercise in the post . Thank you Katie for all your support

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