{Thrive} Mindful Moment: Something is Better Than Nothing

One of the things that holds us back from achieving our wellness goals is lofty intentions. I can speak from my own experience on this one. When I was sick, I used to avoid my yoga mat if I didn’t have the energy to practice like I used to. Then, when my energy returned and life got busy, I would avoid it if I didn’t have at least 30 minutes. Why? Because I was subscribing to the “shoulds” and some self-imposed rules. 

Instead, I adopted the “Something is better than nothing” philosophy and an “I can” mentality. This allows me to celebrate the little victories like a forward bend or side-stretch while I make breakfast. I mindful breath in the car line or a traffic jam. A walk around the block or some squats while I dry my hair. A slow snack that I savor and enjoy. A handful of baby carrots during an otherwise veggie-free day.

Your Homework:

Let go of the shoulds. Those ideals you have in your head. NO more! Change your perspective and celebrate the wins instead of beating yourself up for the misses. Something is better than nothing!

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4 thoughts on “{Thrive} Mindful Moment: Something is Better Than Nothing

    1. Suzanne! Thank you. Your comment means the world to me. I am so glad you find these post to be helpful – this motivates me to keep sharing! XOXO

  1. I’ve been trying to incorporate some exercise back into my life. Days fly by so quickly with kids, work, practices, cooking, etc. So, I’ve been running to their basketball practices. It’s downhill… but it’s Better Than Nothing! 😉

    1. love this! I know parents that walk laps during practices too…stealing moments to get moving is what we have to do! Bug hugs!!

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