{Breathe} Mindful Moments: Name 10 Things You Fear

As I typed the title, “Name 10 Things That You Fear”, I felt a burst of anxious energy resonate through my chest and heart. Fear is a powerful emotion, isn’t it? The thing is, the only way to heal an emotional wound is to move through it and that is what this exercise will encourage you and I to do.You see, fear is the underlying emotion that we all tend to avoid. It’s interesting that we even fear our own fear, isn’t it? During a Reiki session with a client last week, I kept hearing the words, “Why are your scared?” It was a message for my client that, prior to our session, was harboring a lot of anger. Did you know that Anger tends to be a cloak for fear? Many of our outward emotions exist to mask our fears. It’s time to remove the cloak. We have to feel our fear to heal it.

This exercise is meant to help you start to acknowledge and release any fears you’re holding onto. You may find you want to do this exercise more than once. Some of my clients like to do this exercise as a regular meditation. You’ll know what is right for you. Remember, start small. Have courage. Something is better than nothing.

Releasing Fear Exercise

  • Grab a notebook and a pen/pencil
  • Find a quiet, private place to sit (or do this with a friend*)
  • Make a list of all of the things you fear. As a starting point, name 10.
  • Allow yourself to experience any emotion that may come up with compassion and patience
  • Do you best to surrender to this experience and avoid holding back emotion – we want to release them 

*If you do this activity with a friend think of it as a volley. Take turns sharing fears. During the actual exercise there is no need to respond to one another. It will work better if you don’t. This exercise is about release, not fixing or coddling the emotions that come up. Just hold space for one another.

We can do hard things. It might be messy but I can tell you from experience, the end result feels really good.

With Love,


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