{Thrive} 5 Tips for Beating Winter Dryness + Giveaway

As the temps get cooler and the heat goes on, it often feels impossible to stay well hydrated inside and out. My skin, scalp, nose and throat feel so dry that I am tempted to bath in oil every night. Last fall and winter were particularly rough on my skin and body so I implemented a few simple self-care routines that really helped. I’m hoping they will help you too. Plus, enter to win a FREE BeautyCounter Calendula Lip Moisturizer because dry winter lips are no good!


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1. Hydrate

Proper hydration starts from the inside out and this is important to remember during cooler months when we might not feel as thirsty. Try starting your day with a mug full of warm water. First thing in the morning, this is really nourishing to your cells and it supports healthy digestion. Sip on room temperature water throughout the day. You might even try setting mini-goals like 16-20 ounces before lunch or a liter before dinner to keep on track. Bubbly water, tea and coffee might be tasty and satisfying but they don’t replace water! 

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2. The Importance of a Humidifier

As soon as the heat goes on, so do the humidifiers. We have one in each of our bedrooms and try to have them running all day long. You might be surprised to learn (I was) that studies have shown increasing humidity levels to 43 percent or above significantly reduced the ability of airborne viruses to cause flu infections. In fact, in a low humidity environment, 70-77 percent of viruses could transmit the disease through coughs, but when humidity was increased to 43 percent or more, that number dropped to only 14 percent. Interesting, right. There are also studies that show humidity in the air can help to decrease the length of a cold or flu meaning you’ll feel better fasted if you catch something. The humidity also supports your skin and sinuses (dry nasal passages are no good) and makes houseplants happier. Opt for a large capacity humidifier so you are refilling over and over again.



3. Use Warm Water, Not Hot 

I am a bath junkie, especially in the fall and winter. I tend to run cold so the hotter the water the better. The thing is, really hot water can remove natural oils from our skin and face (consider this when washing) making us even drier! I experienced this first hand the other night as I took a crazy hot bath and had itchy, dry legs for several days after. Instead, choose warm water instead and, for tub time, I always add a few drops on oil to the mix. We actually keep oil in the shower and next to the tub at all times. I’ll talk more about this in the next tip.

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4. Moisturize

Light moisturizers don’t cut it on their own this time of year. You need something that can really get the job done and I’m talking all-over. Make sure you do this for your kiddos – they get dry skin too! We use oil during the winter months and it’s best to apply them just after washing as your pores are open and ready to receive it. You can even put a touch of good quality oil into your nasal passages (it’s really good for you) and don’t forget your scalp – this feels so good!

As I mentioned above, I keep oil in the shower so I can moisture while I am in there. This makes the world of difference. Did you know that different oils has different energetic properties? This is a common concept in Ayurveda, a traditional form of medicine in India. In the winter months, a warming or neutral oil makes sense for most of us, unless that is, you tend to run really hot or you’re suffering from hot flashes. 

Quality is, of course, important. Choose a cold-pressed, extra virgin oil that is good enough to eat.

5. Decrease Use of Drying Products

Many beauty products, like blemish treatments and some moisturizers, contain drying ingredients like acids, alcohols and activated charcoal. Another reason why it is so important to read your ingredient list. Charcoal may be super trendy but that doesn’t mean it’s a no-brainer! Avoid these products during dry months and instead, try the above tips and then use an everyday moisturizer made for the winter. And don’t forget your lips. Here are a few worth trying.

Brightening Face Oil (Personal Favorite)

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Citrus Mimosa Body Butter

Citrus Rosemary Body Oil

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