{Breathe} Mindful Monday: Everything is Going Your Way

Mindful Monday | Everything is Going Your WayWe are what we think. Our reality is a snapshot of the things that we choose to see and believe. We can choose to float in the light or drown in the darkness. It’s truly a choice you see. I went to sleep a few nights ago with the intention to choose the light the next day–ALL DAY, No matter what was thrown my way. It’s an experiment of sorts as I wanted to see how often I tended to dip into a negative place. Want to join me? 

Positive intentions create positive results. I say this to my clients all the time because I truly believe it. But understanding something and practicing it are too different things. 

Practice. This is worth repeating because work like this is not always easy and the goal is to sustain this for much longer than one day.

It can really easy to get stuck in a negative thought pattern. To feel angry, resentful, fearful, or just plain grumpy. We can all relate to a time when we believed that nothing was going our way. Then there is the general day-to-day, when little things go wrong and they propel us into a negative place. My challenge to you is this: what if a change in perspective made these situations look different? What if we choose to believe, no matter the circumstance or challenge, that everything was going our way? 

I used a mantra to help me stay grounded in my practice. When something went “wrong”, I repeated the phrase, “Everything is Going My Way”. I caught myself laughing on a couple occasions, like the time I was racing to get Hudson out the door to school, and the dog decided to pee on the floor. “Everything is Going My Way”. Then we got to school and I realized I had forgotten his backpack at home. “Everything is Going My Way”. Traffic on the way to a clients? “Everything is Going My Way”. 

Have you ever considered that everything that happens to you is exactly the way it is supposed to be? That we are always exactly where we are meant to be? Even when we are in traffic or dealing with a difficult situation? 

A change in perspective offers you the opportunity to surrender to the moment and to ask questions like, what am I meant to learn from this? This person, this conflict, financial struggles, this illness? What would happen if you choose to believe that “Everything is Going Your Way”? 

Mindful Monday | Everything is Going Your Way | Setting Intentions and Shifting Perspective for a Positive Day


2 thoughts on “{Breathe} Mindful Monday: Everything is Going Your Way

  1. I loved that post.! What a great reminder. It certainly takes practice ! It’s so easy to slip into the negative thought pattern and sometimes, so difficult to get out of.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Joanne, glad you enjoyed the post! I agree, positive thought processes can be really difficult. Funny how it’s easier to be a bump on a log, huh? But, choosing joy just feels so much better! Take care 🙂

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