{Nourish} Mix and Match Simple, Healthy One-Pan Chicken Dinners

one pan chicken dinner, healthy chicken recipe, paleo chicken recipe, gluten free chicken recipe, easy chicken recipeA One Pan, No-Fuss, Healthy Dinner? Yes, Please! If I am going to make dinner, it needs to be fast and it needs to be simple like the Lemon and Za’atar Roasted Chicken I posted last week. Lucky us, that healthy chicken recipe can easily become a one-pan dinner; as in you cook all of the ingredients in the oven, on one pan! While I love to cook, like many of you, I don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen each night (like many of you!). That is why I am obsessed with one-pan recipes. Even better, all of the healthy recipe ideas in this post are naturally gluten-free and dairy-free to boot. Easy, healthy and delicious. What more could a girl want?


A Simple, Healthy Recipe:

How do I define a simple, healthy meal? If my hands-on time is around 15 minutes that equals a winner to me. While the meal may take a bit longer to cook, I don’t have to be a part of the process as my oven can do the rest of the work for me. I simply prep my ingredients, pop them into the oven, set a timer and walk away. Stove-top cooking is great but it demands some babysitting and I would rather hang out with Hudson. Whatever your motivation (kicking your feet up to enjoy a glass of wine sounds nice) this simple, healthy recipe is all you need to get dinner on the table without the fuss.

The One-Pan Weeknight Dinner Basics

Shopping List: 

  • Your Favorite, Simple and Healthy Chicken Recipe 
  • Root Vegetables or Potatoes
  • Pick a Vegetable:
    • Green Beans, Broccoli Florets or Asparagus (trimmed)
    • Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

How to Make a One Pan Dinner

Start with your Favorite Healthy Chicken Recipe

  • I always use bone-in, skin-on chicken. The result is a juicier more flavorful meal whether you choose to remove the skin once it’s cooked or not. 
    • Bone-In, Skin-on chicken breasts: 45 minutes at 425
    • Bone-In, Skin-on chicken thighs or drumsticks: 30 minutes at 425
  • Season the chicken with olive oil, salt and pepper then add flavor. Here are a few of my go-to favorites


Everyday Roasted Chicken with Maple + Smoked Paprika, gluten free chicken recipe, paleo chicken recipe, healthy chicken recipe


Meal Prep Tips + Cook Times

  • Cut your potatoes, sweet potatoes or root vegetables  ahead of time and store them in the fridge. When you are ready to use them, place them in a bowl. Season them with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. I often add some chopped garlic and onions, or shallots as well. You can purchase pre-cut root vegetables to cut down on prep-time.
    • 30-45 minutes cook time 
  • In a separate bowl, prep the remaining vegetables.  Again, you can cut them up at the beginning of the week so they are ready to go come meal time. When you are ready to cook, toss your veggies with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and pepper and set aside. 
    • trim asparagus or green beans:
      • 10 minute cook time
    • cut cauliflower or broccoli into florets:
      • 20 minute cook time 
    • trim and halve Brussels sprouts:
      • 20 minute cook time  

Cooking Your One-Pan Chicken Dinner

  • Pre-heat oven to 425.
  • Grab one or two baking dishes depending on their size and how much you are cooking. I like to cook extra as I can eat it for lunch the next day.
  • Place the seasoned chicken on the center of the sheet pan. 
  • Arrange the potatoes, sweet potatoes or root vegetables around the outside of the chicken 
  • Place the chicken and root vegetables in the oven.
  • Do the math. Depending on what vegetable you are planning to add to the oven, calculate the cook time. For example, if you are adding asparagus, they take 15 minutes to cook. So, you want to set the timer for 15 minutes less than the total time the chicken takes. Set a timer:  
    • Chicken Breasts: 45 minutes – 15 minutes = 30 minutes to start. Once the timer goes off, add the asparagus, reset the timer for 15 minutes and dinner will be ready. 
    • Thighs and drumsticks: 30 minutes – 15 minutes = 15 minutes to start. Once the timer goes off, add the asparagus, reset the timer for 15 minutes and dinner will be ready.
    • If the baking dish is large enough, add your vegetables to the same pan. If not, grab another baking dish and pop them in on a lower rack.

Have you made a one-pan chicken dinner? What is your favorite combination?

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