{Thrive} 3 Reasons You Should Throw Out Your Scale

Why I Don't Weigh Myself We are nearing the end of January which means your New Years Resolution may be waning a bit. That’s okay. It happens to most of us. And you’re in luck because I have a better idea for you. It’s more achievable action than resolution. Stop weighing yourself. I want you to throw out your scale. Today. You could even set it on fire if that feels more compelling. It does to me but I am all about the big farewell when it comes to your scale. Wouldn’t that feel good? How freeing! Seriously, unleash your fury on this small but mighty metric that has ridiculed you for too long. Evict it from your life…never to be seen again. Your scale deserves to die a horrible death for the way it has been making you feel. Frustrated. Ashamed. Inadequate. Defeated. I am going to let you in on a little secret. You are none of these things. You are beautiful and worthy and enough. No matter the number. Not convinced? Scared to let it go? I get it. The act of weighing ourselves can become a nasty habit that is really hard to break. That isn’t a reason to hold on to it though. Weighing yourself doesn’t serve you in a positive way. Are  you are ready to be well and healthy, from the inside out? This is a great first step. It’s time to take back the control. To take back your self-worth. It’s time to throw out your scale. Here’s why:

Throw Out Your Scale

I haven’t weighed myself in years. Over 15 years actually and I would never do it again. The scale used to control me. Every morning, I would march into my bathroom, head down, anxious and feeling unworthy of love. It was like I started each day walking into a firing squad. Ready to be told I wasn’t good enough. I remember how horrible this whole routine would make me feel. I started each day feeling like a failure and I carried that energy with me throughout the day.

Thankfully I broke the spell that my scale held over me. I decided I had better things to do. I decided I deserved more. I deserved joy. I realized my self-worth wasn’t defined by a number. I remembered one of my favorite mantras, “positive intentions create positive results”. Torturing myself with a daily weigh in was rarely, if ever positive so it was time to rethink my intentions.


Weighing Yourself Is Rarely a Good Experience.

How often can you recall having a positive experience with your scale? They are few and far between aren’t they? Imagine your scale was a friend that continually made you feel like shit. Would you keep hanging out with that friend? Would you keep showing up for the beating? Humor me and say, “No”. Then get rid of that friend while you’re purging your scale from your life. You may want to let that friendship go a bit more lightly though. Setting friends on fire IS NOT a good idea, (wink, wink) no matter the crime.


The Number on the Scale is Deceiving:

I have clients that used to weigh themselves EVERY SINGLE DAY. In other words, they tortured themselves EVERY DAY. Why? Daily weight fluctuations are not markers for fat loss. They are often the result of fluid fluctuations but we, the dedicated weighee, don’t see it that way. “Up four pounds? How could this be? I hate myself. I’m not eating today.” It’s a terrible cycle of misinformation and speaking of misinformation, your scale can’t decipher between fat mass, fluid mass and muscle mass either. If you’re killing it at the gym you could gain weight, in the form of muscle mass, which, if you only judge by the number on the scale, will feel like a massive defeat. Insert shame spiral. You get the point. Throw out your scale. 


The Number on the Scale is Distracting:

Did you ever consider the fact that the number on the scale or the ritual of weighing yourself can actually cause you to lose touch with your true self? This is the same reason I don’t prescribe portion sizes. If you give yourself a pre-portioned amount of food your are not mindful of your own hunger cues. A weigh-in can also sabotage your confidence if you misinterpret the number or your weigh-in doesn’t go as planned. When we step away from the confines of the scale, we offer ourselves the opportunity to define our health in a truly different way. Consider this for a moment: do you really need your scale to tell your when you are eating well? If you are losing weight? If you are caring for yourself in a meaningful way? I doubt it. Actually, I know you don’t. But, this is what we do. We rely on the scale to tell us these things, even though it is flawed in its advice. Why not trust yourself? Your instincts? You have all the answers you need. You can eat if and when you’re hungry. You can connect with the way your body feels. For example, bloated is very different than overweight. Bloated may mean you are eating a food that doesn’t agree with you. This is very different problem with a very different solution. You can choose to eat foods that make you feel good and omit those that don’t agree with you. A very different intention than restricting food all together. Let go of your scale and touch base with yourself and the answers you already know.



3 Reasons to Throw Out Your Scale | Weight Loss can be overwhelming, and weighing yourself daily might be doing more harm than you think.



The Number on the Scale Doesn’t Define Your Worth:

Numbers are tricky. They are limiting and rigid and black and white. Because of this, I steer my clients clear of setting numeric weight loss goals. These types of goals, like counting calories, are consuming. You are spending your energy on the wrong intentions. Again, there is no JOY. We all deserve joy! Let’s say you set a goal to lose 10 pounds and you only lose 8. That feels defeating right. Like you failed. Ugh. Who needs that. Instead, you can set a more positive intention to nourish your body. You can harness food gratitude which allows you to appreciate everything on your plate from the kale to the brownie. Deprivation need not exist. This feels positive and it’s rooted in self-love. No numbers. No failure. Plus, so many of my clients hinge their happiness on those arbitrary numbers. “If I lose 10 pounds I’ll feel beautiful. I’ll be enough.” What that says to me is that your weight-loss goals are rooted in your perception of yourself – the idea that you are not good enough. Ugh, that makes me sad. It makes me sad because I have been there. And, because I have been there I can tell you that losing the weight is not always the answer. Wherever you go, there you are. Loving yourself is the answer. Loving yourself, right now, no matter the number on the scale! This is a great time to pause for a gratitude check. Consider a body part that you love. Start small. Maybe it’s your ears or your eyes. It will get easier. Find gratitude for the fact that you are alive. This, in itself is a true gift. When your weight loss goals are grounded in the intention to truly love and respect yourself, you’ll lose weight, you’ll feel great and the number won’t matter.

I’ll leave you with this, many of my clients they have been sparring with the same 10-15 pounds for years. Stop fighting and choose to accept yourself. Use that love to create healthy habits that will carry you for years.

Oh yeah. Throw out your scale. I mean it.

I’ll even help you set it on fire.



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  1. Love this! I have never owned a scale, and I tell a lot of my clients to throw it out as I find people can get so discouraged with the numbers, even as you mentioned they can be so deceiving/inaccurate! Such a great post

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