{Thrive} 20 Gifts for Eating Well & Living Joyfully

giftsI love giving gifts. Actually, I love giving thoughtful gifts that feel personal and purposeful. While I did avoid the chaos of black Friday like the plague, I’ve been busy scouring the web for ideas and, dare I say, I am about 90% finished with my shopping this year. That might be a record though our goal to cut out the crap and instead spend time enjoying the holidays (and each other) has made this task a bit easier. Still, right about now I start to get major shopping fatigue. I run out of inspiration and I figured you might as well so I gathered a few of my favorites things to help you finish your shopping! If you don’t find something here that speaks to you, check out the newly launched shop which spotlights quite a few of my favorite things to inspire you and yours to “Eat Well and Live Joyfully!” I struggle to find the time to read, but this is currently on my counter begging for my attention. Ironic, right. This book is all about “Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, more Soulful Way of Living” and as far as I’m concerned, we can all stand to benefit from this.


Present over Perfect



For the inspiration junkie: Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead, was one of the most impacting books I read this year. ‘Nuff said. Buy it for everyone you know.

Daring Greatly




I have this journal and I love it. It’s simple, approachable and all about harnessing gratitude. Also, it takes 5 minutes, sometimes less and when it comes to self-growth and happiness, that is worth prioritizing. I’ll leave you with this–there is no such thing as perfect and that goes for journaling as well. If you miss a day or a month, don’t judge yourself, just pick up where you left off. It always feels good to jot a few things down, doesn’t it?


The Five Minute Journal



I love empowering my 5 year old and these books are two of our favorites. If you haven’t noticed, I love gifting books–especially when they have a positive message.

Incredible You



Peaceful Piggy and Lemonade Hurricane

Two great books that make meditating feel approachable to even the littlest of people.




A slippery yoga mat is all I need to completely ruin my practice. Thankfully, this no-slip yoga mat towel saves me every time. Plus, it seconds as a travel yoga mat as you can easily roll it up and tuck it into your bag or suitcase.

Gaiam No-Slip Yoga Towel

no slip yoga mat towel


Whether you are a wiz in the kitchen or a newbie, DIY kits like this are a really fun gift. I have given this cheese making kit to a few of my family members. Make it more special and pair it with a pizza stone or a bottle of wine or, if you are feeling generous, give ’em all.

Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese Making Kit

Cheese making Kit



I am obsessed with all things cozy and that includes several warm drinks a day this time of year. This mug hugger takes the cozy factor to the next level. Pair it with a great mug and your favorite tea or cocoa mix for a festive yet useful inexpensive gift.

Mug Hugger




Speaking of cozy warm beverages, I love this eco-friendly bamboo hot/cold cup. Like with the mug hugger, you can personalize this with some loose tea (it comes with a tea steeper) or a bag of fair-trade coffee.

Bamboo Travel Mug with Tea Insert

Wooden Hot/Cold Cup


I keep a microplane in my glove compartment. It’s true. I cook in-home with many of my clients and I have found this kitchen tool to be so essential that I never leave home without it. You can use it to zest citrus, grate garlic and ginger and even shave a sprinkle of dark chocolate on your oatmeal in the morning. This is my favorite kitchen tool and it fits perfectly in a stocking.




20 Gifts for Healthy Living


I love gifts that give back as you get to give two gifts for the price of one and help someone in need. Giving Keys have long been on the top of my list. Inscribed with a message like “Courage” or “Grace” you wear the key until you are ready to pass it along to someone who is in need of the message. Even better, the company gives back by helping those who have been affected by homelessness.

Giving Keys 

Giving Key


These Resolution bracelets combine positive intentions with giving back. What could be better than that? Made from Vietnam War shrapnel left behind in Laos, each piece helps to clear farmland, making the land safe all the while providing metal to artisans. I love so many of the items on this site from the herb garden spoons to the necklaces and even ornaments.

Peace Bombs Resolution Bracelets



Considering I rarely wear make-up or even wash my face (read more about my better beauty routine), I am even a bit surprised this BeautyCounter Soothing Face Oil made the list but it did because I want to bathe in this bottle of goodness. Soothing is right, the natural aroma of essential oils and calendula combine to create a luxurious face oil that nourishes my dry winter skin and makes me smile because it’s just that yummy. PS–this bottle lasts forever as you only need a drop or two.

BeautyCounter Soothing Face Oil

BeautyCounter Soothing Face Oil


This Sugar Body Scrub is a great gift idea or stocking stuffer that most anyone would love. Brightly scented with Lemongrass it wakes up your senses and exfoliates your skin. It’s like a spa treatment in your own home.

BeautyCounter Lemongrass Body Scrub



Cute kitchen goodies..we all need them. These measuring cups are adorable and they would pair perfectly with a recipe for something decadent and delicious like my Chocolate and Almond Butter Hazelnut Cake. These ceramic owl measuring spoons are equally as cute.

Owl Measuring Cups

owl measuring cups


I am constantly trying to inspire all of you to create joyful eating experiences. That said, could it be as simple as a festive bowl? I think so. I own this bowl and every time I fill her up with nourishing foods I can’t help but smile. These bowls make any meal feel more fun and happy. Who knew it could be this easy?

Inside Out Bowl




I live in my UGG slippers and I wear them until they are falling apart — then I buy another pair. That is how much I adore them. Trust me. They are worth every single penny if you are a comfort junkie like me and my family who have received them as a gift.

UGG Slippers  ugg-slipper


I used to be totally freaked out by the idea of a pressure cooker. Was this thing going to blow up in my kitchen? The thought of cooking with one felt like an unsupervised science project. Then this came along. Fool-proof and programmable, this electric pressure cooker is easy enough for any novice to use. The stainless steal cooking pan and steamer are a bonus (some have non-stick interiors which I try to avoid). You want this so you can cook everything from braised meats and beans to even pasta…in minutes.

Insta Pot Pressure Cooker



Did you know artificial fragrances stink (read more here)? They are actually harmful to your health. So forget those scented candles and air fresheners and make the switch to essential oils which contain natural fragrances  that even boast medicinal properties. A great starter oil is Lavender which is calming and soothing. This Lavender Roll-On is a great stocking stuffer for kids and adults alike and the room/body mist is another favorite. This cold-mist diffuser maintains the medicinal integrity of the oils as compared to a warm/hot oil burner that simply smells good.

Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil


A CSA Share may be the most useful gift I can think of. What’s better than a box of fresh, locally grown, organic produce each week? Not much! In the case of Lancaster Farm Fresh, my favorite local CSA, you can even choose from a fruit share, a meat share, a medicinal herb share (awesome), an egg share, a chicken share and even a flower share! This is eating well and living joyfully in a box.

CSA Share



Last but not least is an bonus gift idea because I didn’t want you to forget that you could always buy everyone you know a copy of my new cookbook, Whole Cooking and Nutrition (hehe). If my book is new to you you can learn more about it here. In short, it is jam-packed with approachable everyday recipes that you can and will want to cook! Plus, there is an inspiring section on Every Day Superfoods and plenty of joyful eating tips and tidbits. I like to think it’s a way we can hang out in the kitchen together…from a far.

Whole Cooking and Nutrition

Whole Cooking and Nutrition Diabetes Cookbook @KatieCavutoRD


I am  a member of the amazon affiliate program so if you purchase through the link provided I will receive a small commission that helps to fund the blog. You do not pay the commission, it is paid by a third party. Opinions expressed here are my own and I only recommend products I would personally use.











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