{Breathe} Mindful Monday: Self-Love Challenge

youSelf-love is awkward. It feels indulgent and strange. The thing is, self-love is the foundation of any wellness practice because you will not be motivated to care for yourself in a thoughtful way unless you truly love and respect yourself. Let’s start now. We can do this together because, honestly, it feels just as vulnerable for me…

It’s a crazy time of year so there is something nice about keeping things simple and that is what I am doing for today’s “Mindful Monday” post. I am keeping it simple and offering you only a few  words. The ask, it isn’t so simple though. But it is very important. I know we can do this. We deserve this. Comment below with “Five Things You Love About You”. I am excited to witness our collective energy on this one. To motivate you a little more, I will donate a new toy to a child in need for every comment on this post. Go!

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha

With love and respect,

Katie (I love my drive, momness, my imperfections, my heart and my ability to be vulnerable with all of you)

Ps. Read more here for this helpful mantra, “I deeply love and respect myself”.

Mindful Monday Self-Love Challenge: Name Five Things You Love About You






17 thoughts on “{Breathe} Mindful Monday: Self-Love Challenge

  1. I love this! It’s hard to allow ourselves (especially women) to speak positively about ourselves. Somewhere along the lines we were taught that self-love is self-ish and it’s totally not! In fact, the more we love ourselves, the more love we have to give others 🙂
    My 5 things:
    1) I love that I have worked so hard to be the compassionate and giving person that I am.
    2) I love that I am a positive person and find positivity in others/situations as well.
    3) I love that I have patience.
    4) I love that my body is healthy and it allows me the ability to live a full life.
    5) I love that I have worked incredibly hard to overcome adversity and to be an educated, empowered and strong women.


  2. Super idea!
    1) I love my faith and my relationship with my Savior.
    2) I love that I am an optimist.
    3) I love my resilience.
    4) I love my heart, I’m good at loving well.
    5) I love my weirdness/uniqueness – I am the only me!
    Thank you for this, Katie. <3

  3. Self love can be so hard & is often forgotten when we are so focused on providing for others!
    I love that I am…
    1. Determined
    2. Caring
    3. Resilient
    4. A loving girlfriend
    5. Surrounded by my friends & family

    1. So true, Emily! It can be hard, but with practice, we can love ourselves a little more each day. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  4. Love this Katie! And, perfect timing since I just finished meditating. Here goes…
    1. Good mom. No. Make that GREAT mom 🙂
    2. Loyal Friend
    3. Optimistic
    4. Non-Judgemental/Accepting of everyone
    5. Creative
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love this Katie- thank you for creating this post! I love that I am…
    1.) Quirky with a great sense of humor
    2.) A natural encourager
    3.) I know no stranger and want to make everyone feel included and at home
    4.) I recognize I need to learn to love myself more and am actively working on that.
    5.) a child of God- loved by the creator more than I can imagine.

  6. Love this! Here are my 5…
    1. I love helping others and creating meaningful connections
    2. I’m creative and love expressing myself through art and photography
    3. I’m compassionate
    4. I have a strong will and work ethic
    5. I make good food 😉

  7. I love this! This is not something I do often but definitely should.
    1. My dedication and drive
    2. My compassion
    3. My goofiness, and I guess some would call “weirdness” 🙂
    4. Love for all animals
    5. Loyal and honest friend

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