{Thrive} Mindful Monday: Setting the Tone

Be The Ebergy You Want to SeeBe the change you want to see. That is this week’s mantra. Toward the end of the week last week I was spinning my emotional wheels. I felt exhausted and depleted and annoyed with everyone and everything (including myself). I found myself placing blame on others and brainstorming ways I could convince them to change. Sound familiar? We’ve all done it.

For the record, this was not a mindless blame game I was playing. I was thoughtfully reflecting on situations in my life that needed a refresh. We all have them. We fall into old habits and can slip into old routines which are not always rewarding. I gently reminded myself to shift my perspective and to be aware of the stories I was replaying over and over in my head. In this case the stories were negative and frustrating and I was very aware that there was so much good to see but I was having a tough time getting out of my annoyed state.

{Read more about the stories we tell ourselves}

Relationships are complicated–all of them including our friends, family, kids, co-workers and partners. Life is riddled with struggle and we live through these struggles together.

These things I know.

I also know that joy can also be found in the most difficult of circumstances and my frustrations in this case were fairly trivial so I was relying on my gratitude practice to pull me through. To get me out of this rut.

Still, there I was, aware of myself yet annoyed and convinced that I needed the other people to change their ways in order for the situation to improve.

I was wrong but we saw that coming. Ha!

By the end of the day on Friday I had started asking for answers and was meditating on the questions and working through the challenges in my head.

Reality check: I was doing all of these things while I worked until 10 o’clock on Friday night. I share this because I used to see the word meditate and automatically feel like a failure.  I didn’t have the time to sit and think for 30 minutes everyday! Then I got real and decided to redefine this term in a way that would work for me which means taking the time to hit pause {read more}. It means five minutes in the morning is better than nothing–so is some quiet time in the tub, or a thoughtful drive between clients.  It can be as easy and  simple as one juicy breath {read more}.

I happened to have an appointment with my homeopath on Saturday so I shared my frustrations with her hoping she would have the answer and, eureka, she did!

I had to be the change. This wasn’t about anyone else but me!

I had to choose the energy that I wanted to bring into the room and that energy would  set the tone.

YES! I knew this was so true.

Of course, choosing to show up with a positive attitude takes energy and that is hard when you are already depleted. But, I have found that positive energy multiplies. One act of joy can literally refill your empty tank. It takes work and it is not always easy but I am 100% sure it is always worth it.

Be joy. Be peace. Be love.






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