{Breathe} Mindful Monday: The Power of Self-Touch

self touch I know what you are thinking, and don’t you worry (if you were worrying), that is not what this post is about (wink, wink). This post is about self-love though “that” may fall into the category, right!? Regardless, think about this for a moment. When someone you love is hurting, how do you show them love and comfort? You hug them. Rest your hand on their shoulder. Rub their back or maybe their head. Yet, we rarely offer this gesture to ourselves. We rarely touch ourselves in a loving and nurturing way. Why not? Do you know how rewarding it can be?


{Give this a try}

  • Place the palm of your hand in the middle of your chest–right between your ribs in your heart-zone. Make skin-to-skin contact! Pause there for second and think about how great that feels. You are connecting with yourself.
  • Now, move your hand in a clockwise, circular motion. This should feel very calming and comforting. Pause and appreciate the love you are providing for yourself.
  • You can add a mantra to the mix. My favorite: “I deeply love and respect myself”. Say it until you believe it.

You can do this anytime and anywhere and let me tell you, if feels so good to love on yourself.

With Love,


Comment below and share your experience with us! What mantra do you love?



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