{Breathe} 5 Minute Reboot

Reboot your body Like it does for your phone, your computer and even your TV–a good ‘ole power-off and reboot works wonders for your body. We tend to go, go, go and instead of offering ourselves the opportunity to reboot and refresh we max out. When we max out we are not able to be the best version of ourselves–we start gliching! While a weekend away or a luxurious massage may be the reset you’re dreaming of– it might not be in the cards and honestly, the day-to-day reboot might be more important than that every-so-often escape. Here are a few tools you can use to re-boot any time, anywhere!


You are 5 Minutes Away from a Reboot! 

  • Change Your Setting. If you are stewing or feeling stuck something as simple as a change of scenery may do the trick. I often end up glued to my seat staring at my computer and I have found that forcing myself to step outside at least once a day really helps to reset my mind and energize me. A little fresh air goes a long way! Make time for a couple of really juicy breaths so you can take it all in.
  • Breathe. Speaking of breathing–remember that post about pausing to take one purposeful breath? You breath is your reset button so use it, often. Go ahead…give it a try right now.  Close your eyes. Inhale peace…exhale all that stale, icky energy! Add your arms and raise them with each inhale…lowering them as your exhale.
  • Inhale Fragrance. You might as well make the most out of those juicy breaths and add some energizing fragrance. No, I am not talking about glade plug-ins or other artificial scents (fragrances remember–they stink!!). I am talking about natural fragrances like citrus and mint which are energizing and clearing. Consider diffusing an essential oil, having a cup of herbal tea or even peeling a fresh orange. When I have fresh herbs around, I have been known to rub them between my fingers as the scent is really uplifting and it stay with you.
  • Yoga Love! Yes, I love yoga but that doesn’t always mean I have time to commit to an hour plus practice. Heck, I might not even make it to my mat but that doesn’t stop me. Maybe you stop, drop and give yourself a couple of sun salutations–it will get your energy moving, promise. If you are all ramped up and need to calm down, a simple heart bench offers you a really powerful surrender. I have been know to offer myself a spontaneous twist or stretch no matter the situation. I was doing a talk this weekend and started stretching my hamstrings mid-sentence.  Hahahaha. Whatever it takes!
  • Shake it out. Channel your inner Taylor Swift and shake that shit out!! Seriously, you can do this in your office, at home and even in your car (but be careful). Shake your limbs, wiggle your body–just move! Get all that stagnant energy moving so you can release it from your body!
  • Hydrate! Simple as it may seem–your fatigue may be a sign of dehydration! Guzzle some good old H2O and while you’re at it–splash some water on your face. A quick refreshing face wash or spritz can really help your reset and refresh. I love this natural, non-toxic Rose Water Uplifting Spray!

Share your tips and tricks! I wanna hear em’!

Happy Monday!



5 thoughts on “{Breathe} 5 Minute Reboot

  1. Coloring!!! There are so many fun coloring books out for adults and it does help to de-stress. I also love to crank the music and dance/sing it out.

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