{Thrive} Mindful Monday: Embracing Our Imperfections

embracing imperfections
It is 9:30 pm and I am sitting on the couch– (looking more disheveled than I do in this picture) determined to write this blog post. Why, because last week was all kinds of crazy and I left you all hanging. Sigh. This darn blog that I love…it slipped away from me. While the perfectionist in me felt an immense amount of guilt for letting myself (and all of you) down– the rational me was able to embrace the fact that it was okay that I could not get it done. It was okay that I couldn’t do it all–even if I desperately wanted to.

Yes, it is Monday night and I am exhausted. Last weeks craze has bled into this weeks already overbooked schedule. This post should have been written already.
My kid was home sick today.
My brain is fried.
But, I am happy. Happy to say that I feel comfortable being vulnerable with all of you. With myself.
This thing called life doesn’t always go as planned.
We can’t always stick to the schedule.
Sometimes it gets messy.
I get messy.
Often. (seriously)
Hair frazzled… yet smothered in love.
Love for this nutty life I call my own.
Love for my sick kid’s snuggles.
Love for my imperfections.
Love for my ability to admit when I can’t.
I work hard. I want to be the best version of myself in every way possible. The best mom. The best partner. The best wellness advocate. I could go on…
I also want to be real and sometimes “I can’t” or “it’s good enough” trumps perfection.
Yet, here I am. It’s now 10 pm and I am writing this blog post. Why, because I am determined not to let you down… again. I am determined not to let myself down. I am determined to love on this blog.
I am a work in progress but at least it’s about progress…not perfection.
Sweet dreams!
PS–please excuse any typos…I am sleep writing (wink, wink).
Photo credit: Sarah Alderman of  AGPcollective


6 thoughts on “{Thrive} Mindful Monday: Embracing Our Imperfections

  1. Katie, your true self knows your beauty, your perfection, your desires.. You are enough, You are Loved,. Stay in the Flow. Big Love, suzi

    You are a true inspiration to me from the first moment I meet you because your real passion and truthfulness are contagious!!!
    Keep on keeping it real good or bad , to me it’s always inspiring to me and everyone who has been blessed to say” Hey I know KATIE”

    1. Send a big huge hug of gratitude back your way. Thank you for sharing this with me. It makes it all feel worth it!! XO

    1. Thank you Shannon!! I am so glad this was helpful to you! I have to remind myself of this intention on a regular basis so I figured it was something worth sharing with others!! You gotta love the mess!! Hugs right back at you!

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