{Thrive} Mindful Monday: “Finding your “Why”

Finding Your WhyA big part of my day to day is helping people (including myself) cultivate their “why”. Why? Because your “why” is far more important than the “whats” and “shoulds” that we tend to fixate on. You see, when your “why” is clear the what and the how seem to come together quite simply. 

Life is busy. So busy that we can easily become caught up in all of the things we have to do. Those things…they add up. They pile up. So high that we can feel like we are suffocating in a heap of “whats”  or “shoulds” with no real connection to “why”.

Whether you are looking for your life’s purpose or interested in creating some meaningful change in your life–a great place to start is to reconnect with your “why”.

Do you want to make a career change? Why?

Do you want to lose weight? Why?

Do you want to start exercising? Why?

Do you want to find balance in your life? Why?

Are you overwhelmed and bogged down? Why?

I know, the “why” can be elusive but it is actually quite simple if you allow it to be. Here is a little exercise to get you started.

What sets your soul on fire? 

Translation: What do you love? What makes your feel good? What makes you happy? What fills your heart up? Write them down and make sure to include the reasons “why”.

What are your priorities?

There is a big difference between the things you ARE prioritizing and the things you WANT to prioritize. This part of the exercise is about un-peeling the layers so you can see the things that you feel are really important to you and then taking the time to understand the “why”.

I encourage you to be mindful of your motives and to focus on those that are positive. If you feel your motives may have negative emotional attachments than you may need to revisit that priority to make sure it falls into the “sets your soul on fire” category. Try to abandon “shoulds” while you are prioritizing.

The “Why Nots”

To understand your “why” you must also recognize the “why not”. These are the things you are ready to let go. I have found that it is often helpful to let go of a “why not” to make room for a “why”.

This exercise is not about perfection. It is about helping yourself realize the things that truly make you happy. It is about finding your motivation. When you are truly invested in your “why” you will be more able to manifest the what and the how. While the path may still be bumpy, a solid understanding of “why” is the foundation you need to keep you going.

“Why” are you waiting?



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