{Thrive} Mindful Monday: Chemicals Stink + 5 Steps to Clean Up Your Act

Chemicals in Personal Care ProductsListen up! This is really important stuff. You are exposing yourself to a large number of potentially harmful chemicals every single day but you have the power to “clean up” your environmental toxin exposure and it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. I promise. Did you know that the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is the main law that manages chemicals in the U.S. This law was enacted in 1976 to provide a regulatory standard for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to address potentially harmful chemicals–well, it is a huge failure and here is why.


What you should know….

  1.  When the law was enacted in 1976, it grandfathered in 62,000 chemicals that were already in use with the intention that the EPA would test each chemical for human health risk–removing any harmful chemicals.
  2. Less than 200 of these have been tested for human safety.
  3. Of the 200 chemicals that have been tested–only five have been banned since 1990.
  4. It is estimated that the EPA has reviewed the human health risks of only an estimated 2% of the 62,000 chemicals that were in use in 1976.  WWWHHHHHHAAAAATTTT!

I was floored when I found this out. Floored and freaked out! Fortunately, it isn’t hard to clean up your toxic chemical exposure with a few simple steps.

5 Steps to Clean Up Your Act

  1. Educate yourself. One of the best resources is The Environmental Working Group— there you can learn more about the TSCA. You can use their data base to rate the products you currently use and to find cleaner alternatives!
  2. Avoid artificial fragrances. You know, perfumes, air fresheners, fragrant dryer sheets and some candles. You can learn more on a previous blog, Why Fragrance Stinks
  3. Opt for a Better Beauty routine. Europe has banned nearly 1500 chemicals from their self-care products. Guess how many the US has banned? …………………………11! Eeeeek! Learn more from my Better Beauty blog.
  4. Opt for a cleaner clean! Yes, many cleaning products are FAR from “clean”. Keep it simple and opt for vinegar and water or switch to brands like Seventh Generation and Ecover. Circling back to step 1, head on over to EWG to rate your cleaning products. Here are a few easy, DIY household product recipes to try!
  5. Educate others! It is important to clean up your act and equally as imperative to educate your friends, family and really anyone that will listen. These chemicals are linked to a slew of health problems from allergies to diseases like cancer. Consumers have the power to change the products that are on our shelves but we have to speak up to create change! Even if you start small and make the switch on a few of the products you use often–that is a powerful step in the right direction!

Check in tomorrow as I will share my Better Beauty Routine!

Let’s make a difference!




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