{Thrive} Mindful Monday: A Dry Skin Brushing How-To

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I know, Valentine’s day is over but that doesn’t mean the self-love celebration needs to end–nor should it–ever! Today’s Mindful Monday post is about a self-care tool, dry skin brushing. Have you heard of it? Don’t worry if it is new to you–it is fairly new to me too. What do I love about this self-care tool? It is good for you, easy, kinda fun (well, I think so), fast and pretty much free. Sounds good to me.

What is Dry Skin Brushing?

First and foremost, dry skin brushing is used to help eliminate toxins from the body – and more specifically your skin. Did you know that your skin is an excretory organ? Makes sense when you think about the fact that you sweat and shed dry skin cells, right!? As a part of my journey with Lyme I have been researching natural ways in which I can support my body. Detoxification is important (more on this to come) as we are exposed to many environmental toxins (and for me, the Lyme and co-infections create toxins) on a daily basis and some of us have a tough time getting rid on them.

Why dry skin brushing?

Outside of the fact that it feels good, dry skin brushing helps to exfoliate your skin, rejuvenate your lymphatic system, unclog your pores and thus, you more efficiently rid yourself of toxins.  Let’s break this down a bit more.

  1. You’ll exfoliate dead skin – skin exfoliation is beneficial for a few reasons. One, when you exfoliate your skin your make way for the healthy, new skin the lies beneath. Translation–smooth, beautiful skin!
  2. It stimulates your lymphatic system – Dry brushing helps to stimulate the lymphatic system as the brushing action increases blood flow to that area of your body.
  3. Reduce toxins–once you have brushed off the dead skin and stimulated your lymphatic system, you are better able to clear toxins. Think of it this way–you are unclogging or decongesting your pores and encouraging the gunk to hit the road. 

Do I have your attention? If so (I hope so) then here is the “How To”

Remember, this is easy, quick and effective!

  1. Purchase a natural bristle brush with a long handle so that you are able to brush all of those hard to reach places on your body.
  2. Here comes the fun part – get naked and stand in your bathtub, or at least a tiled and cleanable surface, to catch the skin that will fall off. Am I losing you yet? Stay with me! I promise it’s worth it!
  3. Begin the brushing process by starting at your feet and work upwards towards your heart. When brushing, make sure to use long sweeping motions –always in the direction of your heart.
  4. Be sure to brush several times in each area (let’s say 5). Overlapping is a good thing!
  5. Be gentle at first –especially with all of your sensitive areas and keep in mind you will become less sensitive the more you do it.
  6. Take a shower! You can alternate between hot and cold water which will further stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system. Translation: more detoxing!
  7. Dry off and hydrate. Your skin is primed and ready to suck up some moisture! Be sure to use a toxin-free product like Beautycounter’s Lustro Oil in Rosemary and Citrus (ewg rating: 1)
  8. Bask in the goodness of how wonderful your skin feels and how good it feels to love on yourself a bit.

Whether your dry brush once, once a day or once a week–see if you can recognize the changes in your skin and overall health. You might be surprised at how quickly you will notice positive results. Treat the largest organ in your body, your skin, with the same self-love the rest of you deserves!!

Happy Brushing!


I am a Beauty Counter Consultant.  When ordering, please enter my name as your consultant.  If you make a purchase and use my name, I will receive a small commission.  You do not pay the commission, it is paid by a third party. Opinions expressed here are my own and I only recommend products I would personally use. Information from this post was sourced from several resources including an article on body brushing on mindbodygreen



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