{Thrive} Mindful Monday: Positive Intentions for the New Year

31 Positive Intentions for the New Year

Forget about that unreasonable, obligatory resolution and instead, commit to creating meaningful intentions that will serve you throughout the year. Thoughtfully setting intentions is a great way to stay present, achieve your goals and foster gratitude while you’re at it. Healthy habits can feel overwhelming when you have lofty expectations. Keep them simple. Maybe you commit to one intention a day– or one a month? You could even choose one for the entire year?! This exercise is more about reflecting and finding something that speaks to you. There is no right or wrong. There is forceful thinking or failure!

Health can be defined in many, many ways. While you may think health is defined by the way you look or the number on the scale, I personally think it more about the way you feel. Health starts with self-love and with self-love comes self-respect, happiness, gratitude and the desire to truly care for ourselves. When we care for ourselves in a thoughtful way have the ability to pay attention to our needs. We can reflect on the things that are not serving us and instead create a positive environment in which we can thrive. I know, this is not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires that we reflect and reset on a regular basis but, through this process we can grow and take it from me, it will happen.

I very vividly remember the immense amount of stress I used to feel on New Years Eve (as recently as 2014). As the clock would tick toward the New Year…I would panic. I remember feeling like I should have reflected more and planned better. I made me feel like a failure which feels particularity ick in the midst of the joy of the New Year. While swimming in this pool of failure I would force myself to come up with some life-changing resolution that never felt authentic. Talk about missing the point and missing joy of the moment–jeez!

Circle back to Thursday evening, New Years Eve came around I anticipated I would have a similar experience. To my surprise, it never happened. The clock inched toward midnight and I found myself curiously wondering why I didn’t care? I had nothing planned. I had not made a list or committed to a resolution and still, I was happy and care-free! I realized that the reason I was not putting so much emphasis on this one moment was due to the fact that I had been actively working on my intentions every day and that I planned to continue on that path in the new year. Honestly, I cried (I do often) joyful tears for the fact that I let go of the “shoulds” and released myself, unknowingly, from the pressure. I could not think of a better way to enter the New Year than with a feeling of freedom, growth, and joy.

Instead of a resolution, I decided to choose a word that embodied my goals for the year. That word for me is “Joy”. Take some time to come up with your own. Share it with us in the comments to inspire others.

In the meantime, here are a few wellness focused intentions to carry with you throughout the year!

  1. Say “I deeply love and respect myself” EVERYDAY — trust me, you will eventually believe it!
  2. Make a gratitude jar in which you can save moments of gratitude as they bless your life
  3. Surrender to the things you cannot control. You can even make a surrender box.
  4. Set time aside each week for self-care
  5. Remind yourself to take cleansing, mindful breaths each and everyday–even if you start with one!
  6. Taste your food
  7. On that note…chew your food. The act of chewing more mindfully can be very beneficial
  8. Commit to random acts of kindness
  9. Eat more vegetables
  10. Eat less processed food
  11. Make and freeze a few meals and snacks for anytime use
  12. Decrease your exposure to environmental toxins–make your own cleaning and beauty products, choose better beauty products and cleaning products
  13. Tell someone that you love them
  14. Write someone a handwritten note and send it to them in the mail
  15. Prep healthy foods at the beginning of the week
  16. De-clutter your life
  17. Set screen-time boundaries
  18. Try meditating
  19. Choose to nourish your body instead of depriving it through dieting
  20. Ferment something!
  21. Cry more often
  22. Reflect on your finances and prepare a budget
  23. Move your body and reflect on how good it feels
  24. Remind yourself of the power of hitting “pause
  25. Eat more nuts, seeds and other healthy fats and decrease your refined carbohydrates
  26. Take a bath (if you enjoy them)
  27. Try something new to you
  28. Eat your favorite food and savor every bite–you may find you need to eat far less to feel satisfied
  29. Make time to reflect and regroup so that you stay on your path. Be gentle with yourself if you stray–it will happen
  30. Choose progress over perfection
  31. Choose Joy–trust me, it can even be found in sorrow!

Share your intentions or your “word” for the year!

Happy New Year!







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