{Monthly Morsels}: December Edition

Things you should know december @katiecavutoRDYep, with only a few days left in January I am getting around to December’s “Monthly Morsels” post. Does anyone else feel like the days seem to fly by this time of year? The madness of the holidays has finally calmed down but with that comes the beginning of the year rush to get things going and that has created a brand new kind of busy! I keep reminding myself to hit pause and to breathe and to stay grounded as these tools are the most useful during chaotic times. We always have time for one, juicy breath and man does it feel good…as good December’s morsels? I think so! 

{Nourish}: Winter for me means COZY food.  Light the fire, wrap me in a blanket, put on my slippers, hand me a cup of tea…you get the point. I love feeling warm and cozy and this is the time of year to savor that feeling. Cold mornings beg for a big ol’ bowl of breakfast porridge…add to that warm, earthy spices like cinnamon and cardamom and a bright pop of citrus zest and I am in heaven. Quinoa breakfast porridge heaven that is! No quinoa on hand? You can use oats, millet, grits or whatever warm grain is calling your name. 










{Breathe}: The holidays are nutty (and joyful and fun), no matter how much I prepare myself. One of my favorite posts of the month was when I decided to break up with stress. UPDATE: it has been a messy break-up. Just when I think I have moved on, there it is again!  The good thing about a break-up? There are lessons to be learned and I have learned something pretty amazing this go around. I am learning to accept my imperfections and with that I am able to embrace the fact that who I am and what I can give at any given moment…well, it is enough.  One of my new 2016 mantras is, “Be Real, Not Perfect”. Try it on for size. I think you’ll love it.











{Thrive}: There have been a few new themes trending on the blog lately… one being the fact that nourishing our bodies goes far beyond what we eat. A healthy lifestyle encompasses many aspects of how we live. This month I introduced you to a new brand that I am working with, Beautycounter.  By now I have introduced you to a few more. The point…we expose ourselves to a slew of harmful, disease causing chemicals EVERYDAY. The more you know the better able you will be to make decision that feel right for you and your family. It is my goal to help educate you and to share some of my favs!







{Monthly Musings}: Look out as there are many exciting things to come over the next few months. The website is going to get a much needed makeover! I have a bunch of really exciting recipes ready to share with you and I know I will be inspired by my trip to Peru in February…wooohooo! What recipes are you craving? Anything you want to learn? Let me know! 


{Stumped?}: Nutrition and wellness information can be bountiful and confusing. Ask your questions and I will simplify the messages for you! Leave questions in the comments and I will do my best to answer them on the blog this month!  

Big Hugs!


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