{Breathe} Mindful Monday: Surrender Box

surrender box

At the end of the year I plan to excitedly dive my hands into the bounty of our gratitude jar– we started it this past New Years Day in an effort to keep our focus on the many moments, big and small, that bless our lives each day.  Our notes of gratitude have acted as a year long reminder of the joys in our lives. I continue to love this concept and we will most likely continue the tradition in 2016 but, this got me thinking about other ways one could utilize this idea and after a little research I found what I was looking for. Surrender. Yes, gratitude is one of the essential components of a happy life–but, so is surrender. It is far easier to be grateful for the things we have than it is to surrender to the things we cannot control. While we can strive to mentally surrender there is something really awesome about the physical act of letting our worries go. When I am overwhelmed with worry I like to use active meditations like yoga, exercise or simply “shaking it out” to release that pent up energy. On the same note, you might find that a surrender box could be equally as cathartic. The act of writing down your worries and releasing them into a box can be very freeing. If you have a a fireplace you could even burn them from time to time. Trust me, it feels really good!

So, for this weeks Mindful Monday post, I challenge all of you to surrender. Offer your worries up to the universe by writing them down and literally letting them go by dropping them into a box…a jar…the trash…you get the point! Once you let go you will find you are far more present in the moment as you will have taken the power away from those emotions. Your worries will begin to melt away.

A few months back when I was overly worried about a few things, a respected friend asked me this question, “Katie, what is the opposite of worry?” I wasn’t sure. His response was, “Joy”. He recommended that I challenge my thoughts. Instead of worrying about a situation I should visualize the opposite which is the joyful, happy outcome. He ensured me that with practice this would become my norm. My go-to reaction would be joy instead of worry.

Starting today: aim to let go of the things that do not serve you.





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    1. Hi Sera! So happy to hear you love this idea 🙂 Would love to hear your thoughts after you tried it! Have a happy and healthy New Year!

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